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Rye, Drafts and… Beer Week!

This week’s beer

Let’s get right to it: we have beer. You like beer, right? We’re still rocking all the beer we had last week, along with the triumphant return of De Maas! So, we have:

  • Frank
  • The Whale
  • The IPA
  • De Maas
  • Rutherford B. Haze
  • Alex Placito Has A Posse (Belgian IPA): he won’t have a posse for much longer, sadly, as Rudy reports it’s “basically gone”
  • Festive-Ale (Saison): we have a mere five gallons left!
  • The End Is Rye (Black IPA with rye): we should have enough to satisfy everyone this week, but then: who knows!

Coming soon

Summer is essentially over. It’s simply flown by, which on one hand is disappointing: especially since it is known that Rutherford hibernates as the temperature drops. However, September brings with it Buffalo Beer Week! This week our fair city has stretched a week into an impressive 10 days.

Will we have special beers? Collaborations, perchance? But of course. You’ll have to wait in suspense for a bit longer before all is revealed, however. In the meantime, how about some Beer Week events?

Sunday, September 28: We’ll be featured in a beer pairing dinner at the newly-opened Black Sheep.

Wednesday, October 1: There will be a beer pairing showcase at Artisan Kitchen & Bath. Local breweries will be paired with local chefs, who will make appetizers to go with the beer.

Saturday, October 4: The wake of Rutherford B. Haze, this year at Hot Mama’s Canteen. Join us as we say goodbye (for the second year) to our summer beer, this time with a New Orleans style wake complete with band! Appropriately somber dress is requested.

The next book club


Now that our third book club is done, it’s time to announce our next book: Nickel City Drafts by Dan Murphy. We’ve read about the history of beer before and during the craft beer scene, we’ve discussed philosophy, now let’s dig into the beer history of our town!

As always: if you’d like to order the book through Talking Leaves, send me an email. You have until September 19th to do so or you’ll be out of luck!

The discussion for the book will be Wednesday, November 19th, as always at 7 pm on the second floor of Mister Goodbar.


One final note: in our neverending quest to fully web 2.0 our blogosphere we’ve decided to join all the kids on tumblr dot com. Behold: our very own Tumblr!

“But you already have a blog!” Yes, which will continue: never you worry. I will knife fight anyone who tries to take this blog away from me. The Tumblr will be used for shorter updates, which will be coming more frequently in the future. We find a cool link? Post something to Instagram? Tap a new beer? Tumblr. And Twitter, and Facebook, but I’m personally a big fan of reblogging photosets of otters who look like Benedict Cumberbatch so I’m excited about having a Tumblr.