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Quite a lot to be thankful for

"What image should I use for the post? Probably something with a turkey. Turkeys are kinda boring, though. We normally go to Cthulhu. There wouldn't be a Cthulhu turkey picture, would there? ...mother of god."

It’s true that Thanksgiving isn’t really about giving thanks so much as it is eating way, way too much stuffing and pie. Still, though, it’s been quite a week, and month, and year. So allow me to indulge a bit:

  • Our Kickstarter project is past its funding goal already, and people are still giving: thank you, thank you, thank you. We’ll get all the money that’s donated now, and you can still get cool stuff.
  • Crowley Webb has included us in their finalists for the 25 Hour Workday (have you voted yet today?).
  • Construction on the brewery is coming along, albeit with some setbacks (I’m looking at you, Peter).
  • Our best estimate is that we’ll be open early next year, in just a few short months.
  • It’s going to be my full time job one day to do this. Write, tweet, interact with wonderful people and make beer. That’s literally the definition of “a dream come true.”

We’ve been excited and enthusiastic about beer, our beer and embeering Buffalo for quite some time. We’ve always known that Buffalo would be just as excited in return, but the past month has shown us just how ready you are. I don’t think we would have seen this sort of reaction elsewhere. I’m proud to be a resident of this city, and I’m proud to be a part of this brewery.

Now stop reading this and eat some more stuffing.