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Profiles in CBW: Eric Stellrecht

No brewery is an island. Now that we’ve been open for two years we’ve needed some help, and a few stalwart friends have stepped up to the challenge.

These are their stories.

This week: Eric Stellrecht.

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Oh, hello! I didn’t see you there!

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Eric Stellrecht. I’m 32 years old and was born and raised in Buffalo, NY. My wife and I recently bought a house in Kenmore where you’ll find me learning how to properly maintain a home (thanks, internet). I spend most of my free time reading, watching movies, being overly affectionate with our 2 cats… and Homebrewing!! I’m one half of A.P.E.S Brewing along with Alex Placito. We’ve been brewing beer for about 4 years. We’re constantly learning new things and improving while trying to push the envelope whenever we can. We recently won a gold medal with our Cucumber Wit and have some fun ideas up our sleeves for this year.

How did you get involved with the CBW gang?

When Alex and I initially got into homebrewing we stopped by the Bidwell farmers market where Ethan and Dan were getting the word out about CBW. We soon found out they were members of the Niagara Association of Homebrewers, a club we were interested in checking out. We joined the club and these guys haven’t been able to shake us since.

What started you down the rabbit hole that is good beer?

My earlier drinking days were based on affordability and alcohol content. Therefore my fridge was always stocked with Natural Ice (or Labatt Ice if I was living it up a little). At one point a friend of mine left half a six pack of Sierra Nevada IPA in my fridge. I tried it because it was there… never did I think it would have such an impact on me. From there it was stouts/porters/Belgians/sours, there’s not much I don’t like: except smoke beers. I hate smoke beers.

Duff’s or Anchor Bar?

Goodbar! ((Yes, I know this question sucks.)) Mmmmm Cajun Stout…

Anything else we should know about you? Any parting words of wisdom?

Lightning Round!!!!!

Sushi. Pulp Fiction. Raspberry. Pets wearing clothes. Samantha… no, Miranda. The Buffalo Bills.

I’m super happy to be involved with Community Beer Works and really excited to see their continued success as well as the growth of craft beer in Buffalo. It’s such an amazing time to be a fan of craft beer in Buffalo and WNY. See you at the bar!

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