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Profiles in CBW: Drew Hardin

No brewery is an island. Now that we’ve been open for two years we’ve needed some help, and a few stalwart friends have stepped up to the challenge.

These are their stories.

This week: Drew Hardin, Assistant Brewer.

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Hi! My name is Andrew “Drew” Hardin.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m 29, was born in Atlanta GA and moved to Buffalo when I was 4. Been here ever since. Lived on the west side of Buffalo for over ten years. I’m a Scorpio, ha. I’ve been floating around the local beer and food scene for about 8 years trying to find my place. I started Prepaired beer and food in late 2011 and had my first event in 2012. I’ve been studying the art of homebrewing for 5-6 years. Reading my face off, studying yeast, growing my own hops, and malting my own grain on a small scale. I started all grain brewing about 3-4 years ago, joined a homebrew club and I was off to the races.

How did you get involved in the CBW gang?

While trying to find cohorts for my beer and food endeavors I came across CBW. I approached the guys about doing a strange beer infusion for Prepaired (a lilac infused pale ale). After working with Rudy on another abnormal recipe for “Treefart” (a Belgian Trappist ale brewed with acorns) I basically volunteered my time to work for free at the brewery. After putting in my time and proving my worth now I’m here to stay I guess, and I couldn’t be happier.

What started you down the rabbit hole that is good beer?

I got into craft beer slightly after my 21st birthday. Having my own licence to legally buy beer I started branching out into the world of craft beer much like I did with food (now that I wasn’t just looking for the cheapest 30 rack we could score off friends). What really dropped me down the rabbit hole was a trip to Leadville, Colorado when I was 22. We went out to snowboard, I got sucked into the mecca of the craft that is Colorado. I almost spent more time in the local pubs going craft crazy than I did snow boarding (almost). Fat Tire amber ale is probably responsible for that.

Duff’s or Anchor Bar?

For wings I prefer Mr. Goodbar over both Duff’s and Anchor Bar. I haven’t had Duff’s or Anchor’s wings in a long time but if I had to choose probably Duff’s.

Anything else we should know about you? Any parting words of wisdom?

Final words: “Never trust a brewer without a beard or long hair.” I really enjoy working with everyone at CBW and in the local craft beer scene. I really look forward in pushing cask beer and real ale in Buffalo in the next year. I also would really like to push the boundaries of what people think craft beer is. I love to drink and talk about beer. If you see me on the street I have no problem answering questions or letting people borrow books from my 30+ beer related book “LiB-rewery.”

Any other questions for Drew? Leave them in the comments!