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Profiles in CBW: Andee Nero

No brewery is an island. Now that we’ve been open for some time we’ve needed some help, and a few stalwart friends have stepped up to the challenge.

These are their stories.

This week: Andee Nero, Chief Hot Dog Enthusiast/Retail staff


Yas, Queen.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m Andee. I neither smoke crack nor worship Satan, but I make an awful lot of jokes about it.

How did you get involved in the CBW gang?

Greg was a friend from online but he failed to mention that he was a CBW owner. I showed up at the brewery one day and he just happened to be working there. After that, we would hang out at the brewery while he was working on the weekends and eventually the gang needed help so I stepped in.

What started you down the rabbit hole that is good beer?

I started drinking craft beer on a pretty regular basis because, before moving to Buffalo, I lived close to Southern Star Brewing in Conroe, TX. They used to give away free beer on Saturday afternoons for years. I was in college and couldn’t turn down a free brew, but, as time passed, I realized that this free beer was also something special and, thus, my interest in craft beer was sparked.

Duff’s or Anchor Bar?

Gabe’s Gate. (ed note: now both Gabriel’s Gate and Mister Goodbar have more votes than the two choices I give, and I really only keep the question in out of stubbornness)

Anything else we should know about you?

I am studying to become a certified cicerone, I run a blog called Hotdog Blog and I am a history PhD student at UB.

Any parting words of wisdom?

Stay hydrated.