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Sorry for making you wait so long for that.

Remember this bad boy?

Speaking of waiting: as you may have seen on various social media sites on Monday, we had our state Department of Agriculture inspection. And… We passed! “You’re all set now. You can begin your processing.” That was the motivational quote that came out of the inspection.

Of course, we’re not quite there yet. We still have to get our city Certificate of Occupancy. That should be coming soon: we’ve passed all the individual inspections, and all that remains is to see whether that’s enough or if we need one final all-encompassing inspection.

Soon. Soon.

This is now feeding it!

Also exciting is the status of our roof: it’s now the proud bearer of a solar array! As promised in our Kickstarter video, we have a solar powered hot water system to supplement our primary tank. It is now fully armed and operational. Sorry. I think I’m contractually required to reference Star Wars at least once a month.

While we’re on the subject of Kickstarter, I’ll reiterate and say that if you backed our project and haven’t gotten an email from me in the past month, let me know. And also, in case we haven’t said it recently, thank you!

Finally, a hearty congrats to our friends at Lloyd’s for their successful Kickstarter campaign! Might we suggest they park their second truck at, oh I don’t know, Lafayette and Gelston every day?

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