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Our second anniversary: the beers

It’s here! Or, well, it will be Saturday at least. Our second anniversary party!

We’ve been teasing the special beers that will be available at Cole’s and Mister Goodbar, but it’s no time to be coy. You want to know what will be where? Let’s do this.



  • Frank
  • The Whale
  • The IPA
  • De Maas
  • Stout Affective Disorder
  • Singularity (Apollo)
  • Mr. Blofeld (ESB)
  • Mister Superfantastisch (berlinerweisse) ((Why is Blofeld “Mr.” and Superfantastische “Mister”? Such are the great questions of our time.))
  • IPFrank (cask) (Frank dry hopped like The IPA)
  • Rutherford Brett Haze (our Belgian pale ale with wheat, dosed with brettanomyces)
  • The Snow (2014) (imperial stout)

Mister Goodbar

  • Frank
  • The Whale
  • Singularity (Apollo)
  • Mister Superfantastisch (berlinerweisse)
  • OG Whale (cask) (The Whale dry hopped with simcoe hops, simulating the flameout addition in the original recipe)
  • Heatrays (2013) (barleywine)
  • The Snow (2014) (imperial stout)

What more could you ask for?

We’ll see you Saturday.