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Our Kickstarter is 100% funded

We did it. You did it, to be more precise.

Today, shortly after noon, our 195th backer put us at $15,020.22, $20.22 over our funding goal.

There are 22 days left in our project. Our project reached its goal in 48% of the time. Of course, the timeframe was dictated by our collective love of Douglas Adams, but still: wow.

I had thought about what I’d say when we reached our goal, but I didn’t have time to really solidify anything because I didn’t think it would be so soon. We were within $1,200 last night and I sent the rest of CBW an email: “Think we can be funded by Thanksgiving?” It was a pipe dream, but I thought it would be great.

You have given us quite a lot to be thankful for. On that note, a post will follow this one republishing Rudy’s Thanksgiving beer guide. It’s a small measure of thanks, to be sure, but that will come. Our Kickstarter project will continue until December 14, and we are now guaranteed to receive all funds that we raise, even ones made above our $15,000 goal. After that, it’s our turn. You have put your faith, enthusiasm and — most importantly — money behind us, and then it will be our turn. You’ll get your Kickstarter rewards before we’re open, and hopefully that will both sate and whet your appetite.

Then we’ll be open. You’ve set a high bar for us, Buffalo, and we look forward to surpassing your expectations. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for letting us.