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Our heads are quite big enough already, thank you

It’s the Global Warming Open!

Last week I announced that we had entered our man Rutherford B. Haze into the Brewing News‘ Global Warming Open, a bracket-style tournament pitting breweries’ summer beers against each other in a brutal Hunger Games style battle to the death. Actually, judges just drink the beer and then decide which they like better. Also, something something Battle Royale.

In round one we were up against Fat Heads’ Fuzzy Wuzzy, an adorable named wheat beer with apricot and peach. (I hope nobody thinks “adorable” is a pejorative! I love adorable things, like big plush werewolves and otters holding hands.) How did we fare?



We’re moving on!

This might not be the last time we’ve met, Fat Heads and CBW. In round two we’re up against Cigar City’s Hotter Than Helles. The winner will face the winner of Fat Heads’ BumbleBerry Honey Blueberry Ale and Pearl Street’s Lune’d’bleu, meaning if victorious it will be the second CBW/Fat Heads match or the Battle of Buffalo.

The next round will be judged in Rochester on Sunday, so watch this space next week.

The only thing crazier is how good this deal is!

What are you doing tonight? Seeing Marc Maron? Cool, see you there. How about next Thursday? Whatever it is, cancel it, because now you’re going to the Crazy Jakes CBW beer pairing dinner.

For $40 you get a four course meal and all five of our beers, plus a glass! Rutherford B. Haze meets a cheese course! Grilled peach BBQ skewers team up with Frank! All this and more.

You can get tickets at Crazy Jakes or directly from us. Say, tonight when you come by for a growler?

A slight change of plans

It’s a mere two weeks until the 4th of July! We know that you want beer for your parties, but we know equally well that you want it before your party is in full swing. So we’ve moved retail to Wednesday 7/3 that week. 3-7 pm, as usual.

While we’re here, a reminder that for the summer we don’t have retails hours at the brewery on Saturday, instead dispensing growlers and justice at the Bidwell farmer’s market from 8-1.

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