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One week in, 51% funded

“I haven’t seen the script,” Rudy said. “I was just told to wear a suit.”

This is the sort of professionalism you get at CBW. Four guys, a camera and a toddler went into a brewery and our Kickstarter video came out.


A video which, by the way, contains a few Easter eggs. Let’s see if you can spot Dave’s cameo or some continuity errors. Also, I’m interested in your theories as to why we got footage of my son.

Now then, Kickstarter itself. We put a lot of work into our project and we hoped that people would respond positively. “Positively” doesn’t begin to describe it. 24 hours in, we were 39% funded. One week in we were 52% funded. That’s… well, that’s incredible. You’ve all been very generous, and we cannot wait to be in production so that you can reap your rewards.

If my calculations are correct, however, the first 50% will turn out to have been much easier to get than the second. We put out the call, and you all responded. It was wonderful. Now we’re going to need to work to spread the word and make sure that every citizen of the city of Buffalo and the surrounding area knows that they’re about to be Embeered. We’d really appreciate it if you’d let the beer lovers in your social circles know. After all, we’re in this together now. We want to deliver your rewards, but for that we need funding.

Hopefully one day you can all see the first take of this scene.

That’s it though, right? I press “go” on the Kickstarter button and we sit back and relax, right? Ha! We wish. No, dear friends, we’ve got quite a lot on the horizon, including the remainder of our Profiles in CBW series. Next Monday: meet the man behind the mash paddle, Rudy Watkins. And then, well… Monday will have some more fun and excitement, and possibly some more a little sooner or later. We’ve been sworn to secrecy, you see. All in due time.

And, in the interest of honesty, we did relax a little bit: Monday night Ethan, Dave and I sat down with Rudy and Greg and taught them the wonder that is Carcassonne. We go on about it, we do, but it’s because we love that damn game. Greg totally screwed me over in the end, which shows that he got the hang of it just fine.