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On feathers and mills

When our construction started, Greg sent everyone at CBW an email. He warned us that it would be a slow start, but that it would pick up and the big changes would come. He’s an architect, so I figured he knew what he was talking about. Sure enough, the first week saw little visible progress (although things were indeed being done). Then there were holes in the ground. Then there was a drain where a hole had been.

We’re in the thick of it now.

I walked in tonight to find the skeleton of a mill room. Our mill room! Other walls and wall-like areas were there too. The frame for what will become one side of our customer service area, where folks like you will be able to come in and get growlers filled. It’s really coming together. You can be told that this will be a brewery, and you can believe it, but it’s an entirely different feeling when there’s a bulldozer in the space and holes in the ground and walls being built. It’s real. And it’s great.

Or is it... a CAGE?

We’re not leaving all the work to the professionals, though. We put out the call and you answered, and this past Saturday the space that will become the entrance to the aforementioned customer service area had sledgehammers taken to it. It was a ton of work. Or so I assume: I wasn’t there at all, having familial obligations, and so while I was literally eating scones the rest of the crew were hauling large chunks of concrete around. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Paul, Tim and Nate. You guys are awesome. e-hugs all around!

That was last Saturday. This Saturday? Horsefeathers! We’ll be at the grand opening of the community market from 5-10 pm. We’ll have t shirts for sale (show everyone your commitment to embeering Buffalo!) and will be doing a brewing demo the likes of which you ne’er have seen! That may be overselling it a little. But come say hi.

Finally, I know it’s been a while, but do remember that we have a mailing list! I’m past due on sending another digest out, I know: next week, most likely, full to the brim of construction and Horsefeathers photos. Before I do, don’t you want to sign up?

I’ll be honest with you: if you sign up now, and not at Horsefeathers, I won’t have to type your name and email in myself. So I’d really like you to sign up now. That would be grand. Please.

2 comments on “On feathers and mills

  1. phil trautman on

    I have to say, watching you guys put this together has been quite inspiring. Even all the way in Wayland. We have Buffalo ties and I’m trying to convince swmbo to come with me to find you guys at an event. Between CBW and 3HB in Rochester she believes me we can make a small brewery work. Not just for my ego. Keep up the good work. May the CBW and Flying Toad paths cross soon. That is if Mr Herzog let’s me have my name!

    • Dan on

      Thanks! We hope that we can be an inspiration to others to open their own breweries (embeering and all that). That’s one of the reasons we’re trying to blog and document everything that we do.

      If you make it out to Buffalo, let us know!

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