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On eggs and the counting thereof

Would you believe that one of our own actually questioned whether there’d be a Thirsty Thursday blog post? Of course there will be! It’s right here, in fact. I look forward to spending time with you each week, e-friends, and I hope you feel the same.

I don't know, but if you hum a few bars...

That’s why it’s so hard to keep things from you. Because as much as I’d like to lay it all out on the table, for varying reasons that’s just not possible. Maybe some are for legal reasons (our ongoing litigation with Premier Pet, for instance, makers of the Premier Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Dog Toy). Some would just bore you. Others are for your own safety, the truths being of a Lovecraftian nature. Such is our duty.

This will be the last post in which I go on about our location, though, because it’s progressed to the point where it’s so close I can literally taste it, or maybe that’s the synesthesia, but in either case it’s delicious. There will be news, concrete news, sooner than later, but there’s no point in taunting you with bits about how awesome it is and wouldn’t you like to know them. A picture with the founders holding pints aloft will appear soon enough. And of course we can neither confirm nor deny rumors that we’ll be inhabiting the Webster Block with a ‘destination brewery.’

So: things I can talk about! The Brewfest was last week, and Ethan and I had a nice time and even had someone yell ‘the CBW guys!’ We were going inside to hit up the Brooklyn folks for some of their Blast, which was very good. If you didn’t get any of Ithaca’s Superfriends (I think we were the first, having gotten in line at the precise time required), well, I’m sorry. The lines were longer, but while that sort of sucks it’s also a good thing, since it means the event was a success and may get even better next year. If you saw the Buffalo News article, the two of us happened to be in the background of the leading picture (of the Saranac booth), but I don’t expect people who aren’t my mom to notice that.

A nerdgasm if there ever were one

Facebook! We have a Facebook page, and I’m sure you knew that, but did you know that we’re currently a mere 17 people short of 400 fans? We’d be awfully appreciative if you could tell a friend or two and get us over that mark.

And finally, if anyone has experience with Arduino programming and has a spare jailbroken iPad laying around, we wouldn’t say no to a donation of Yelp’s KegBot for our future brewery bar. (that link comes to us courtesy of Lifehacker, an awesome site if there ever was one)

Next week? There will be a meeting to discuss equipment, and other assorted behind the scenes chicanery. I’ll try to drum up something interesting that we can actually discuss, too.