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Oh hello there, Buffalo News

Let me tell you, being on the front page? Awesome and unexpected!

Oh look it's my foot!

(don’t get the paper? It’s also available on the intertubes)

The article does a good job of summarizing who we are and what we’re looking to do. It also spills the beans on the precise location we’ll be in, so let me be very clear: 13 Lafayette Avenue is going to kick some ass. We have plans, lots of them, and we hope to put the ‘community’ in our name to good use.

So then, what’s next? Our equipment is on order and the zoning board meeting is fast approaching. We’re hard at work making sure we’ve done our due diligence with the neighbors: we want you to like us, after all!

See everyone back here in a few days, for our weekly Thirsty Thursday update.

One comment on “Oh hello there, Buffalo News

  1. Jim Juergens on

    It is as a wise man once said, “Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to have fun.” Shall we pray?

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