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Not if we… jam it!

Don’t you feel like your life needs more De Maas?

Well, it’s your lucky day: our Belgian Amber, first available at this year’s Buffalo Brewfest, is going out to Blue Monk today. Cole’s and Mister Goodbar will get it on Monday, but hey: Belgian bar, Belgian beer… it works.

McCollum’s Rich Woodbridge cuts down a hop bine

We’ll also have De Maas available for growler fills both tomorrow from 3-7 at the brewery and at Bidwell on Saturday from 8-1. It will be joined by both Frank and The Whale, if you’re in the mood for one of them instead.

The big news this week is The Jam #3: it’s an IPA brewed with Galaxy and Citra hops, and it’s debuting at Gene McCarthy’s this Tuesday at 7. We might have some of this available after the fact, but if you want to get your hands on it I’d suggest coming down to the Old First Ward next week. We’re making it a proper tap takeover, bringing along a sixtel each of Frank, The Whale and De Maas. That’s right: four beers! This will be the highest density of CBW to exist so far. Hopefully the gravity it exerts will draw you down.

Also sneaking up on us is Saturday 9/15’s Ballpark Brew Bash. We’ll be there with De Maas, definitely, and Frank as well. We’re spicing Frank up by running it through a hop rocket filled with fresh leap hops. Those of you getting VIP tickets will be treated to a batch of The Whale that’s currently aging in a Finger Lakes Distilling pot still whiskey barrel. I’ve heard some of the other beers that will be there, and I can tell you: you want to go to there.

It smelled just as good as you’re imagining

Now for a brief bit of non-CBW business: congratulations to Mister Goodbar on the eighth anniversary of their Good Beer Club! We wouldn’t be here without it, as that’s where Rudy and Ethan met, in addition to being where I’ve tried a ton of good beer over the years.

On the hop front: last Saturday Rudy and I packed up at Bidwell, ran back to the brewery for a sixtel of Wet Frank and headed out to Lockport to pick some hops at McCollum Orchards. It was a fantastic time, going through long bines and plucking off the hop cones while talking to fellow beer lovers. Julia Burke has a good writeup at the New York Cork Report, and I can’t wait for next year’s harvesting party.

Finally: we have no specifics to announce just yet, but now that our additional plastic fermenters are fully armed and operational we’ve got an increased capacity that will allow us to expand to more bars in the near future. Look for us elsewhere soon!