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That there was a pun, that was.

The big news this week is that the March issue of Buffalo Spree is out, and it’s a beer issue! It’s jam packed with beery goodness, and we’re not just saying that because we’re mentioned a few times. Our mention is at the end of an article on the brewing history of Buffalo, and there are also articles on Flying Bison, KegWorks, Blue Monk, a selection of homebrewers and more. Seriously, if you like beer, go pick it up.

Thanks for the support!

Moving on: have you heard of the BEER Act? (That stands for ‘Brewers Excise and Economic Relief’, by the way: very punny). It was originally introduced in the last Congress as HR 836/S1058 but wasn’t passed. NY Senator Chuck Schumer announced Tuesday that he was part of a group re-introducing the bill to the current Congress, though there aren’t Senate and House Resolution numbers yet.

This is important: it will cut the excise tax that small brewers (like Flying Bison and, soon, we) have to pay in half, from $7 per barrel to $3.50. We urge you all to write to your Congressmen/women and tell them that their support of these future bills is important (even if, like us in New York State, they’ve already pledged their support: thank them and let them know these issues are important to you). Not sure who they are? We’ve got you covered: look up your Senators and Representatives.

We’ll let you know when the legislation is officially introduced; it would also be a good time to direct people to the Support Your Local Brewery logo in our sidebar.

And now, to finish things off, a Words With Friends update:

(direct link)

The last game in the third round has started, and all games in the second round of the loser’s bracket are also underway. Congrats to Eric for showing that his Bye didn’t mean he was soft and weak.

Until next week, friends!