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Nano Nano

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It was, at the very least, well embeered. We’re back on our regular schedule again: 3-7 Thursday, 3-8 Friday, 10-8 Saturday, but that should still be plenty of time for you to get your growlers filled for whatever non-state-sponsored-gluttony events you’ve got.

There is still a bit of Funkrays hanging around! And I do mean a bit: it may even be gone by the time you read this, unfortunately. If you didn’t get a chance to try our Americna Barleywine with brettanomyces, you might want to drop whatever device you’re reading this on and get to the brewery.

Please don’t actually drop your electronics.

Mmm, Whale.

So, what’s next on the docket? Two exciting events:

Buffalo Cask Festival is the weekend of December 7. Cole’s and Mister Goodbar will both have an impressive array of cask conditioned beers, including two from us. First, there’s The Whale that brewed with Sumatran coffee from Blue Mountain Coffees on Elmwood. If hops are more your thing then you’ll be interested in The IPA that’s been dry hopped with citra hops.

Both of them will be served out of 10 gallon stainless steel casks, with one cask going to each bar. We’ll let you know when we know which is going where, but c’mon: they’re right next door to each other. I’m sure you’ll be going to both anyway.

The second event combines two hot trends in brewing: collaborations and nanobreweries! Nano Nano was brewed in collaboration with Roc Brewing in Rochester: first Rudy went to Roc and then John Mervine came to Buffalo, with the 716/585 influences blending into a smoked porter that will be ready in time for the celebrations of people who don’t understand the Mayan calendar: Roc’s releasing it at their End of the World party on 12/21. We’re waiting an entire day, with it first being available in Buffalo at a shindig at Cole’s on 12/22.

As my grandfather used to say: how’s that grab ya?

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  1. Lana on

    Called Coles to see if we could check out the Nano nano, and was told they don’t have it. Did we need a special invite to said shindig? I’d really like to try it.

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