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More Singularity & The Return of One Rutherford B. Haze

It’s Bidwell time!

The Horsefeathers marker was great ((Even if, as predicted, there were no goats on Saturday)). We loved being there, but it’s spring now. Like flowers, the vendors are poking their heads into the fresh air. Starting this week we’ll be at the Bidwell farmer’s market from 8-1 every Saturday!

I know I’m repeating myself, but I really don’t want anyone to make a trip and be disappointed: this also means that we no longer have Saturday retail hours at the brewery.

Stay gold(ing)

Those of you who have come into retail may have noticed the announcement of its impending arrival, written at the bottom of the tap list.


Our single hop IPA series is back! As with the other Singularities we’ve used the same malt bill and only changed one variable: which one hop is used throughout the beer. The seventh entry: Singularity (East Kent Golding).

We’ve used EKGs, as they’re known colloquially, in a few beers recently: they were featured prominently in Mr. Blofeld, the ESB collaboration with homebrew clubs, and also in Grisette #1. As the “East Kent” portion of the name might imply it’s a British hop, giving this Singularity a different characteristic than past American-focused entries.

When is this beer available? Why, today tomorrow of course! Stop on down to retail!

Welcome back, Mr. Haze


(Thanks to Chris Groves for this)

It may not be summertime yet but I have been commuting via bike this week, a sign that we’re almost there. Last week the citizens of Buffalo had to figure out how to live in a post-Stout-Affective-Disorder world, but I’m here to tell you that the mourning period is over: winter is gone, and bring on the summer!

Rutherford B. Haze took the world ((This might be a slight exaggeration)) by storm last year: it’s a Belgian style pale ale with wheat, perfect for drinking outside underneath an umbrella as the harsh summer sun beats down overhead. The harsh summer sun will be coming any day now, I expect.

Our summer seasonal is almost here: we’re throwing a party for ol’ Rutherford next Tuesday at Liberty Hound starting at 5. Get a pint or two and enjoy the warm weather!

Shea’s Wine, Food & Beer Festival

Next Tuesday not enough for you? A week from today is Shea’s annual Wine, Food & Beer Festival: $25 gets you samples of, well, wine, food and beer, from places such as the Bijou Grill, Ellicottville Brewing and Johnson Estate. And us, of course! We hope to see you there.

And finally: the book club!

May 21st is not too far away! I know I still have quite a bit of Ambitious Brew to read, so I’ll be buckling down to make sure I’m done in time. Of course, if you don’t finish the book that’s completely fine: we’d still love to hear what you have to say about the history of brewing in America.

So: your plan is

Sound good? Good!