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Manifest Destiny

Longtime readers of the CBW blog will know that I tend to go through trends in posting topics. For instance, there was a solid two months in the spring where I didn’t talk about anything but building a walk in cooler. Lately it’s been “We’ll have an expanded capacity soon, I swear, more beer is coming.”

Well, we looked around this week and realized that more beer is here. As in, we have quite a lot of it, and to all those places that we’ve told “Sorry, no beer yet,” to everyone who has said they would like to get our stuff a little farther away from Elmwood, we can now say: it’s time!

Taken earlier this week, VBM: The Next Generation

Here’s the list of everywhere that currently has our beer. This does not mean we’re currently on tap there: we don’t control that, and all we can say is that it’s been delivered. If you’re particularly interested in seeing us at a location, make sure you’re following them on your social media platform of choice (and, if they’re not on the list, tell them to get in touch with us!). Also, this doesn’t mean we’ll alwaysbe on tap here, ala the original trio. Without further ado, and in alphabetical order:

  • Aurora Brew Works
  • Blue Monk (on tap)
  • Cole’s (on tap)
  • Elm Street Bakery (East Aurora)
  • Gene McCarthy’s (on tap)
  • Mister Goodbar (on tap)
  • Mohawk Place (on tap)
  • Pizza Plant (Transit)
  • Pizza Plant (Walker Plaza)
  • Shango
  • Village Beer Merchant (Elmwood) (on tap)
  • Village Beer Merchant (Hertel) (you do know this opens today, right?)

Additionally, there’s an event coming up that we should be brewing a special beer for. We can’t announce it yet, as it’s not finalized, but I’ll tease it by saying Rudy is going to try to avoid the obvious choice of a black IPA.

Rudy setting up our booth

An added bonus of having all this beer:  after months of being asked if we fill kegs and responding, “Well, no, but eventually,” we can now confidently say “Probably!” Send us an email or call us beforehand, because we’ll need to be sure we have it on hand, but if you have your own keg of any size and want some CBW beer, chances are we can now fill it for you.

One of the places we had to field keg-related questions was at last Saturday’s Ballpark Brew Bash. What a great time! It was obviously our first time there as CBW — this time last year we were unlicensed and in the middle of construction — but also the first time I personally had been to the event. I agree with Julia Burke: it was a great event with lots of space, short lines and good beer, so I look forward to next year. (And no, I’m not just agreeing with her because she said our barrel aged Whale was “one of the best beers [she’s] had all year”)

Finally, if preservation is your thing you probably already know about the Preservation Plus conference that’s running September 24-28. But were you aware that our own Greg Patterson-Tanski is doing a talk on not one but two nights of the conference, and that he’ll be speaking at the brewery? “Raw Material To Finished Product: Community Beer Works Brewery” will be both Tuesday 9/25 and Wednesday 9/26, 6-7:30 both days.

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