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Looking Back at the Great “Haze Craze” of 2019

What follows in a chronological timeline of what transpired between Community Beer Works and 42 North Brewing Company on January 4, 2019. Please proceed with caution; what you see may disturb you.

The year was 2019; January. It was a brisk day, windy and bereft of sunlight (probably). In those dreary, cold hours we realized what we had done:

We opened Pandora’s Box.

In our excitement to celebrate Bang A ‘Uey—our signature hazy New England IPA—hitting cans for the very first time, we inadvertently scheduled a release date that conflicted with the can release of Pre-Emption IPA, 42 North’s signature hazy New England series.

It’s widely known that hazy New England IPAs are very rare. There simply wasn’t room for TWO being released in Buffalo at the same time, even if the distance traveled between each brewery is 25 minutes or less.

And so Haze Craze 2019 was born.

January 4, 2019
Haze Craze 2019: Part I

Defending what they believed to be the superior New England IPA was Buffalo Man and Discount Ric Flair for team CBW.


January 4, 2019
Haze Craze 2019: Part II

Here we catch a glimpse of the brutal feud between CBW’s Buffalo Man and Clay Keel, former Head Brewer at 42 North.


January 4, 2019
Haze Craze 2019: Part III

Discount Ric Flair shares choice words for 42 North and their Pre-Emption NEIPA.


January 4, 2019
Haze Craze 2019: Part IV

Watch as the feud between CBW’s Buffalo Man and 42 North’s Clay Keel reaches the boiling point.


January 4, 2019
Haze Craze 2019: The Live Showdown

The great Haze Craze of 2019 ultimately ended with a reconciliation between CBW and 42 North, but not before coming to a head at the Community Beer Works 7th Street brewery and taproom. The harrowing ordeal was captured live, on video camera.


Luckily there were no casualties during the Haze Craze of 2019. Let’s hope we never experience anything like this again.