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Little Boy Brett x Dan

We’re back, with the second installment of “Dan drinks cider and writes about it“, which is sort of like Music Box except there’s no music.

Dramatic zoom!

Dramatic zoom!

To recap: I bought all three entries in a brettanomyces-dosed series by Cider Creek, because I love Brett and I love series.

So: number two, Little Boy Brett.

Cinnamon! So much cinnamon. Not so much once I sip. Mild to moderate brett, which is why I bought this series after all.

I’m not sure I can tell that this has blueberries in it. It does have a sort of subdued character that I can’t place, which fits with how I imagine fermented blueberries would taste.

(Mental note: ferment blueberries.)

There’s a tartness that grows, especially as I take a big sip. It’s interesting how this tastes entirely different now than it did two and a half paragraphs, and one parenthetical, ago.

The “pairing” of this cider, what I’m doing while drinking it, is the first episode of Crazy Ex Girlfriend. I’m glad that Twitter told me to watch it because I had written it off based on the title.

I had also considered reading outside, Voyager (the third book in the Outlander series, which is sort of like Game of Thrones but with sexy highlanders and time travel), and sitting in the hammock my wife had gotten me for my birthday. But her back hurt, and this show just literally made a joke about a business’ placement of apostrophe, which speaks to me on a deep level, so I like this choice.

Back to the cider. I refilled my glass, swirling the bottle a bit after having read the bottle’s suggestion to mix in the yeast from bottle conditioning. It seemed slightly milkier and spicier at first, though that transitioned into a bitter aftertaste.

Until the finale, dear readers.