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Let the beer flow

Blast Off!

Next Saturday, March 16, CBW is launching at Consumer’s!

There will be three locations at first: Orchard Park, Transit and Sheridan. All three will be getting Frank and The Whale, but only Orchard Park will have a tasting with us there to talk to, admire and adore. That runs from 1-4, so come on down and fill up a growler or two!

Or, as always, you can stop down to CBW HQ to get a growler filled directly from the source.

The Snow

Oh yeah. It's good.

Oh yeah. It’s good.

It’s about time for a new beer, don’t you think?

Meet The Snow: 8.8% of Imperial Stout deliciousness. And also the smallest amount of beer we’ve ever released: only about three sixtels of this baby are ever going to see the light of day, so get it while it’s hot.

The first place it’s hot? Next week’s Good Beer Club meeting at Mister Goodbar. I’d recommend you go to that anyway, and now that there’s The Snow, well, c’mon.

I do regretfully have to inform you that The Snow will not be available for growler fills.

Oh right, more beer

We’re not stopping there! No, the two one-offs I mentioned last month are nearly ready. In case you’ve forgotten:

Homebrewers take note! Entries for the Amber Waves of Grain homebrew competition are only being accepted until this Saturday!

Happy anniversary!

April 20th will mark the one-year mark from our opening debut at Coles and Mister Goodbar. It’s hard to believe it’s only been a year, and yet it’s also hard to remember a time from before we were open.

To celebrate? We thought we’d do it again! So clear your calendars, because April 20, 2013 we’ll be back at Coles and Mister Goodbar with some special anniversary-only selections in tow. You aren’t going to want to miss this.


Our The IPA defeated Founders’ Centennial IPA in the National IPA Challenge! Allow me to repeat: The IPA beat Founders’ Centennial IPA. You’ll be hearing that quite a lot from me in person from now on.

That means we’re in round four, against Karl Strauss’ Tower 10 IPA. If we move on, the final three rounds will all be judged a week from Saturday. It’s the sweet 16 now, though I might call it the bittersweet 16 as we’ve bid adieu to Flying Bison and are now the only Buffalo brewery still in the running.

You’d better believe I’ll let you know how we fare next week.

5 comments on “Let the beer flow

  1. LC Scotty on

    Thanks-I was looking at the referenced CB stores, and none of them list your beers as being “on tap”. Are we waiting for an empty tap or is there a delay in updating their websites?

  2. Dan on

    Well, we aren’t on tap yet: not until this Saturday (3/16). After that, I assume their websites will be updated to reflect that.

    Thanks for being so interested!

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