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Let It Snow

Take off that sweater because things are heating up!

Actually it’s very cold. You should probably stay bundled up.

One more day.

One more day.

The beer we have

  • Frank
  • The Whale
  • That IPA
  • Stout Affective Disorder
  • Nouveau Riche
  • Saison #2

Tomorrow we’re forecasting a Snow Day

Tomorrow. 3-8. Snow Day. We’ll be tapping:

  • The Snow (2015), this year’s release of our imperial stout!
  • The Snow (2014), a limited amount of last year’s vintage. Glasses only.
  • Biggie, a test batch of an Imperial Amber. Glasses and half growlers only.
  • That’s The Way Love Gose, our second gose iteration. Valentine’s Gose! Glasses and half growlers only.
  • A cask of That IPA with nugget hops. As with all casks, glasses only.

And a raffle! We have five bottles of The Snow (2012) that we’ve been aging. Want one? Every growler/half growler of 2015 Snow you buy gives you an entry to win.

It’s going to be what meteorologists call “cold as heck” tomorrow. Sounds like you need some imperial stout to warm you on up!

One of these could be yours!

One of these could be yours!

But hey we’ll st(ill have more beer next week)

We initially said that Intolerance, a milk stout, would be on tap tomorrow, but true to its name it’s being a little stubborn. It might be ready next week, or the week after: we’ll let you know.

Next Thursday, however, we should definitely have Singularity (Mosaic)!

What else we’ve been up to

We have some snow.

We have some snow.

  • Dungeons & Dragons & Beer, Part 3.5: the dice rolled so long that it had to be split into two posts!
  • On February 24 Nickel City Cheese & Mercantile will be partnering with us for a beer and cheese class. Space is limited, so call us (759-4677) to reserve your spot!
  • Don’t forget that Wednesday is our fifth book club, Hops & Glory, at the brewery.

Other nifty beer things

And finally

excited shimmying