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Laurels? Pshaw.

We’ve begun to settle in our routine here at CBW. There are brewdays, there are meeting days, there are days when we go to the Bidwell farmer’s market. Sometimes two of those happen at the same time. We’ve gotten a good grip on what it means to be a brewery.

Which means, of course, it’s time to shake things up a bit! Can’t have us dilly dallying around like we own the place.

The brite tanks are in, waiting to be plumbed. That’s a fun word to type, by the way, far more rewarding than “plumbing” for some reason. That will still be a bit, but the plastic fermenters that have come in will be online sooner. This gives us more capacity, which lets us expand to have more and reliable retail hours and also maybe not sell out at Bidwell before noon.

Look! Pretty new merchandise! The CBW logo is on the front.

We’re sorry about that, by the way. Last Saturday we kicked the last keg of Frank at 11:54 am. We didn’t expect that there would literally be a line forming for over an hour, especially since the morning was unusually slow. Our primary goal with this additional capacity is to be able to bring more than the 1.3 barrels of beer we currently are. We’ll be back this Saturday with that amount, though, and we hope we didn’t disappoint too many people last week.

Since I’m already the bearer of bad news, I’m going to tell you that there will be no retail hours at the brewery this week. Sorry! We may have more beer next week: we’ll let you know. In the meantime, there’s always Bidwell, or pints at Cole’s, Mister Goodbar and Blue Monk.

Hmm. That’s too much sadness. Quickly! Look at this livestream of seven baby kittens.

There. All better.

One final thing for this week: we’ve revamped our store a bit. You can still only buy shirts online, but we have new shirts! They’re grey this time, not the colors of the Philadelphia Flyers or Irish Unionists. Nice, neutral grey. There are also pictures of the non-shirt items you can buy at the brewery during our retail hours. Everything will be available to ship eventually, but until we work out the best way to charge you for shipping that isn’t a linear increase per item bought (which screws you royally) we’re limiting it to what we know. Soon! If you really want us to send you a glass and a growler suit we’d be happy to do that, but we’ll do it on a case by case basis, so send me an email.

Now go watch those kittens some more.