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Keeping the ball rolling

You know, now that we’ve gotten a taste of the limelight we just can’t stop.


Last Saturday was our return to Bidwell. I was excited for it but had admittedly low expectations: it was the first week of the season, when much of the produce isn’t available and people aren’t in the habit of coming down. A few people who stopped by said as much: “I didn’t know it had started, but was walking by.” Then it was the first day of poor weather all week: 70s all along until I have to stand outside for five hours. Thanks, nature.

I was pleasantly surprised, then, when we had such a great turnout! Our expectations were blown away and I spent all five hours having great interactions with the people who buy our beer. Being able to have a direct line from production to customer is why I look forward to the market every week.

Ethan's sad because it's early. He cheered up.

Ethan’s sad because it’s early. He cheered up.

Well, that and Chow Chocolat’s “spicy Thai peanut butter” ice cream. You guys. You guys.

American Craft Beer Week!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the CBW/Flying Bison event at Sterling Place this week. I regret that I couldn’t have been there, because great beer at a bar I love sounds like the perfect evening.

Not done with ACBW yet? Neither are we! This Saturday from 1-4 at the Transit Consumer’s Ethan will be doing a tasting, so come on down and get some of The Whale and The IPA! For those of you who come to Bidwell in the morning, no we have not perfected our cloning technique yet (and on a completely unrelated note never open the door to Fermentation Room 2). I’ll be taking over for him at noon so he has time to drive over and pour some samples.

“But Dan,” you say. “I don’t live near Transit and/or I can’t make it out that day!” You’re in luck! This may take place during ACBW but it’s not tied to the week: we’ll be having others at varying locations throughout the summer. Next weekend (5/25) we’ll be at the Elmwood locations, for instance, and Sheridan on 6/15. There are more, so stay tuned to the blog and check out the sidebar for more details.

More events!

I know I said that we’d be at the Elmwood Consumer’s next Saturday, but you might be busy already. From last week:

How about a Buffalo brewery tour? It starts with lunch at Ulrich’s while you listen to a lecture by Jim Daley on Buffalo during Prohibition, followed by a walk to the Phoenix brewery. Then the group will board a bus and take a trip to CBW and Flying Bison for tours and tastings. Inspired by our present, the bus then visits our past in the form of a stop at the Iriquois brewery and a tour of Simon Pure. Tickets are $40, which includes lunch, and can be ordered from Peter at  (716) 440-7985.

Farther in the future, we’re having a beer pairing dinner at Crazy Jake’s on Thursday, June 27. $40 gets you a four course meal and all five of our beers, plus a souvenir pint glass. You can make reservations at (716) 693-9309 or get tickets from Crazy Jakes and the brewery.

Even farther out: remember when we made Preacher Man, a beer specifically for the Godspeed You! Black Emperor show? That was fun. We’re doing it again, this time for the Swans show at The Tralf on July 26. We’ll also be a ticket outlet for the show, though we don’t have them yet. We’ll keep you posted!

Exclamation points!

I bought an espresso machine a few weeks ago! It makes me very excitable!