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It’s time for some beer

A singleminded devotion

Yes, it’s true that in recent weeks our “currently on tap” whiteboard has been a little sparse. I mean, we’ve always had Frank, The Whale, The IPA, De Maas and Stout Affective Disorder, but craft beer aficionados are novelty junkies.

You’re in luck! Starting today we have Singularity (Apollo) available for growler fills! The sixth entry in our single hop IPA series, it’s got the same malt bill as its brothers and sisters but uses only the Apollo hop. No word on whether we will be brewing Singularity (Artemis) ((although you could drink this while playing spaceship which sounds like a pretty damn awesome time)) in the future, so there might be some sibling rivalry afoot.

This is not Singularity (Apollo). It's Singularity (Northern Brewer). Get a growler, then compare and contrast!

This is not Singularity (Apollo). It’s Singularity (Northern Brewer). Get a growler, then compare and contrast!

As though that weren’t enough, today we’ll have Mr. Blofeld on tap (although possibly not until 3:30). It’s our ESB — Extra Special Bitter — brewed with the local homebrew clubs. ESBs are the British beers upon which American Pale Ales were based, so expect a drinkable, less hoppy beer that will go with with pretty much anything.

Speaking of new beers…

There’s our anniversary party coming up in two short Saturdays! We’re going to have quite a lot of special beer, so much in fact that it might just be too much for Cole’s and Goodbar. Whatever they don’t buy we’ll have available for growler fills during the month of April.

So far we’ve announced:

This week: Rutherford Brett Haze! You remember dear Rutherford, don’t you? He left us in September, but we cloned him. Injected his Belgian-pale-ale-with-wheat body with brettanomyces yeast. He’s been in a sensory deprivation chamber (colloquially referred to as a “keg”) every since, waiting. Getting funky. Now we release him upon an unsuspecting populace.

The CBW book club: preorders ending Monday

You do want to read Ambitious Brew by Maureen Ogle for our second book club, don’t you? (You do)

And you want to support a local business, right? (You’re reading the blog of a small brewery, so the chances are good)

Well then send me a dang email before Monday, because at the end of the day I’m giving Talking Leaves the contact information for everyone who wants in, and they all get a group buy discount. You want that too, right? (Free money!) Get on it!