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It’s Thirsty Thursday!

Thirsty Thursday, of course, being our beery version of Twitter’s Follow Friday, where we do a push to get the word out about CBW. Tell your friends! Drink a beer! (not ours, of course, but we’re not going to demand your unwavering fealty. Yet.)

Hard at work, as you can plainly see

So! What have we been up to? Well there’s a website here, for one thing. Yes, it uses the default WordPress theme, but we’re working on that. And besides: there’s beer in the header! (though every time I load the site I think ‘Aah! Clean your damn glassware, stock photo guy!’) We’re already scribbling away on virtual napkins working on a CBW design, and more content, though like much of the work that’s going on we can’t quite tell you much about it yet. In due time, dear reader, in due time.

So, while we’re thinking about our beers but can’t talk about that yet, and are making good progress on a logo but can’t talk about that, and same with the location, and so on — in other words, while we’re furiously working behind the scenes on quite a lot of cool stuff, and are aching to share it with you but can’t just yet — we have to ask the obvious question: in this godawful heat, what are you drinking?

I still have a Brooklyn Lager in my fridge that I’m saving for the next time I’m silly enough to try my hand at yardwork (‘But honey: there’s an air quality alert!‘), and beyond that it’s mostly homebrew. That being said: Flying Bison is back! Their retail store is open (12-6 today, 12-7 tomorrow, 11-4 Saturday) and damn if a Buffalo Lager doesn’t sound good. You can also find them at Mister Goodbar (the day after we had our meeting there, of course) and elsewhere.

One last bit of news to ponder: keep in mind that if you’re looking for something refreshing after a sweaty day’s work, Jim Koch advises you not drink Sam Adams.

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