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It’s remarkably easy to write with a baby sleeping on you


You know how, at concerts, there’s that period when the band finishes their main set and walks offstage but the house lights haven’t come back on and you know there’s going to be an encore, but they’re making you wait for it and chant their name as though a lack of sufficient devotion means they won’t come back out, or maybe they’re actually using the frenzied adoration of the crowd as dark energy for some sort of spell, so you keep chanting until finally they walk back out and you wonder if maybe they just needed to check Twitter for a second or something? (Or is that just Coheed and Cambria?)

Well, anyway, that’s what’s going on with The Soft Bulletin right now.

Never fear: it’s our winter seasonal! The first beer we’ve made that won’t be around forever but which will be available for an extended period of time. It’s been brewed again, so while there’s a bit of a delay, don’t worry: it will be back out to perform “In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3” soon enough.

Three straight weeks! Three straight weeks!

Three straight weeks! Three straight weeks!

(I think mixing Flaming Lips references with Coheed ones is some sort of musical sin. I’m sorry.)

When? Next week! Either Thursday the 14th — get some for your sweetie! — or Friday the 15th. We’ll let you know when via the usual channels.

Quite a lot packed into a short month

If you haven’t gotten your fix of rubbing elbows with us at various beer events around town, you’ll have plenty of opportunities coming up!

The most pressing one is the imminent Dinner With Danger at Black Rock Kitchen and Bar on Monday 2/25, featuring five courses paired with Community Beer Works beers. As of this writing there are only two tickets left, so if you’re interested you should hop to it!

There’s also our tap takeover at Jack Astor’s on Thursday 2/21. It starts at 6 and should be a great time.

The very night night, Friday 2/22, is the Art of Beer event at the Niagara Arts & Cultural Center. $30 gets you food and beer samples as well as a night amongst  beer-inspired art, all to help a good cause.

Looking ahead

1-1311945060Yeah, all that was just this month. You know, the shortest one. In the future?

  • April 20 is our one year anniversary. You might want to keep your calendars open.
  • April 27-28 is TAP NY in Hunter Mountain, NY. We’re happy to announce we’ll be there!
  • And, oh yeah, just a little something called Belgium Comes to Cooperstown.

Manifest Destiny

Starting tomorrow we’ll be delivering The Whale to Merge, one of if not the best vegetarian/vegan restaurants in the city. I know I’m looking forward to having another excuse to head down there more often.

consumersAnd then, in early March or so, we’ll be available at Consumer’s Beverages around town. Just Frank and the Whale to start, but that’s still exciting, right? People have asked me why were available at the VBM and Premiere but not Consumer’s, and the truth is that until our brite tanks came online this week we simply didn’t make enough beer. Now we do, and so we shall be available as part of their 65th anniversary celebrations.

Back with a vengeance

Having a baby takes it out of you, and I didn’t even have to do anything! I’d like to thank Ethan for holding down the blog fort while I was gone, but it feels very good to be  back. I’ve missed you, Buffalo beer community. So much so that during my time off I devised a second blog series to hold you over. Expect a heaping pile of content coming your way soon:

  • Squibs, every other Monday from Ethan. Featuring beer news and other things that catch his fancy.
  • My Embeered Life, which really needs a better title, every Tuesday. It’s going to be going back to the pre-opening style of Thirsty Thursday where I talk about more philosophical beer topics, the beer I’ve been drinking and the things I’ve been doing while drinking it.
  • Thirsty Thursday will remain as it is: a list of what the brewery has and will be getting up to.

I’m excited about the new series! I’ve already written a few posts, and have more plans on top of that. The inaugural post next week will be The Long Awaited Kickstarter Post, Part Two.

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