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It remains real

Last Friday, you all drank 150 gallons of our beer.

Let’s think about that. That is a lot of beer.

By 8:30, Mister Goodbar was out of Frank. Dave left in the middle of the event to deliver more kegs to both bars.

They’ve been restocked since then, of course. Fresh kegs of each were delivered just this morning, so fret not about their availability.

Please accept our sincere, incredulous, heartfelt thanks for making last Friday such an amazing night for us. I wanted to get a video of the first pint of Frank poured but missed it. On the suggestion of Alex Placito, picture it with the Doug election music in your head. I did, however, get a video of the first kegs being tapped at Coles:

The oddest part about the whole thing didn’t happen that night. My phone buzzed fairly constantly as people checked in on Foursquare, Untappd and Twitter mentioned us. By 10 the battery had died. There was an incredible outpouring of support for us that night, and it was hard to take in.

For me, though, it didn’t sink in until the next day. At the brewery, packing up Kickstarter rewards, my phone buzzed again. Someone had tweeted a picture of them drinking The Whale at Cole’s. The next day, more tweets. Monday, still more.

It wasn’t one day, a sort of “you get to run a brewery” fantasy experience. This is life, now. We are making beer and you are drinking it and this is how things are. It is a good life.

Ask for it by name!

I am, by nature, predisposed to have my head in the ivory tower. I mean, I have degrees in history and library science: not the most practical, hands-on kind of guy. Self indulgent wankery is pretty much my thing (which should be evident to anyone who’s read any of my blog posts). It’s one thing for the people on Beeradvocate to like our beer, for my acquaintances from the homebrew club to be drinking it: they’re beer nerds, like me! But my mom drank our beer. My high school classmates came in and it was a sort of pre-reunion. My seventh grade English teacher sent me a Facebook message about it (yes, I’m the sort of person to be friends with his seventh grade English teacher on Facebook).

This is real, and it is fantastic. Thank you.

Now that we’ve answered the question of “When can we drink your beer?” the next logical one has been “When can I stop by for a growler?” Luckily for us, the answer is the same! “Um, we don’t know exactly. Soon, hopefully.” By the end of May, we hope, but we probably won’t know a date until we can suddenly say “It’s today!”

One final thing: If you’d like to have a fun evening with Rudy and Ethan and drink some great beer from CBW and others, why haven’t you gotten your ticket for the Blue Monk Meet the Brewers Dinner?

2 comments on “It remains real

  1. andy m. on

    frank and the whale were awesome! it feels good to finally have a hometown brewery that will produce hoppy and interesting beer continuosly. but i gotta ask, what will be the next beer(s) that come out of CBW? im so eager to try them and i dont even know what they are!!!


    • Dan on

      Thanks Andy!

      Next up is probably going to be a saison. That’s still a bit off, but it will be sooner rather than later. After that, we have a few ideas. I’m just going to leave this here: “berlinerweisse.”

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