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It ain’t me, it ain’t me

Websters defines “lucky” as having or marked by good luck; fortunate

(hi, Julia)

The bartender says it’s the end of the keg, but I don’t go by what he says.

There have been many times in the history of Community Beer Works when I’ve felt lucky. For one thing, I own a brewery: objectively speaking, that’s pretty great. More recently and specifically, there was Monday night: Godspeed You! Black Emperor was in town. I was standing in the Town Ballroom, holding the copy of Allejulah! Don’t Bend! Ascend! I had just picked up and drinking a beer. A beer that Community Beer Works made. Preacher Man was well received, and it looks like we might be making more one off batches for certain concerts in the future. There are no definite plans, but we’ll let you know.

What are you doing this Saturday? We’ll be at the Bidwell farmer’s market in our penultimate appearance: that’s right. 10/27 and then we’re done for the year, heading instead for the relative comfort and warmth of our brewery on Saturdays (exact hours to come next week). Perhaps you’re thinking, “Bidwell sounds good, but I’d like to have pints instead of a growler. And some sausage sounds nice.” Well then, convenient strawman, you’re in luck! In addition to Bidwell we’re going to be at the Broadway Market’s Oktoberfest from 11-4. Pints of Frank will be $4, so stop on down!

I knew all the words to their songs! (that is a joke)

Have I mentioned Buffalo Beer Week? It starts next week. That’s soon. Very, very soon, and there’s quite a lot going on. I listed our events last week, if you’d like to get a refresher, and there are a lot of them. I’m particularly looking forward to the Micros @ Marcy festival next Saturday. If you haven’t yet, get your tickets!

Progress on our glycol system is nearing completion. The electrical and plumbing work should be done this week, with the condenser being fired up sometime next week. This will increase our capacity yet again, giving us the opportunity to make a wider variety and larger quantity of beer as well as other fun stuff like a walk in cooler. That’s inside baseball stuff: it doesn’t exact affect you, but since we routinely have to empty and then re-pack our current tiny cooler just to get to eight kegs that need carbonating, well, we’re excited.

Onward, to the Broadway Market!