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Introducing the CBW Haiku Series


From the depths of our small batch Garage Series comes the CBW Haiku Series!

It’s ambitious, ridiculous, nostalgic and fun—basically everything we love about brewing joined together in a convenient variety pack!

HAIKU SERIES – $24.99 + tax/deposit
Variety 16oz. 6pack + specialty Rastal Perl Goblet*
*limited quantity available for the first 250 variety pack purchases

Each variety six pack comes with three very different styles of beer

Pale Stout • 6.6% ABV

Brewed with heaps of oats, chocolate, vanilla, and a custom light roast from our good friends at Tipico Coffee.


Everything Beer • 7.2% ABV

A beer that’s been LandSharked, fruited with pineapple and mango, bruted, double-dry hopped, and lightly sweetened with lactose; finished by aging on vanilla beans, toasted coconut, and rum oak staves. Yes, a full six pack of LandShark “island-style” lager was added while brewing our first #EverythingBeer.


Kölsch • 4.0% ABV

A refreshing Kölsch beer that is a true testament to how sometimes, simple is best.


PLUS! The first 250 six packs come with a special edition 0.4L Rastal Per Goblet!


The Haiku Series
Come down and get it to go
Or delivered home

Pre-sale goes live at 8PM on Thursday, August 13

Order yours here. Don’t miss out on this limited edition six pack + collectible beer goblet!