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In the throes of Buffalo Beer Week

How’s Buffalo Beer Week been treating you?

Did you enjoy this meal? You could have!

Hopefully you’ve found time to go to at least one of the multiple events being held daily. Either way, the week is still truckin’ ever onward: it doesn’t end until this Sunday, so there’s plenty of time to enjoy great beer. Forget the link to the calendar? We’ve got you covered.

One of the first events was Craft Beer Talk broadcasting live from Pizza Plant. If you’d like to hear the gang talk about Buffalo Beer Week and drink some double IPAs, well, you should certainly take a listen.

Excuse the relatively short update this week, but, well, Buffalo Beer Week! You shouldn’t be reading this; you should be at Allen St Hardware or Cole’s. There was one final thing, but, well, it’s bad news. You see, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been eliminated from the CBW Words With Friends tournament. By none other than the scoundrel Eric (Erockthered)! He’s off to face Josh (Joshthebrute) in the quarterfinals. I had a good run, and I hope that if and when we do this again everyone will participate again. Here’s a direct link to the bracket below.