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Imminent Bidwell

It’s that time again!

Can you believe that summer is already nearly here? In just three Saturdays’ time we’ll once again be there bright eyed and bushy tailed* from 8 til 1 at the Bidwell farmer’s market (*eye brightness and tail bushiness not guaranteed). Last year was our first foray into pouring growlers directly for you, and we’re excited to be getting back to it again.

To think, last year we had a measly TWO taps

To think, last year we had a measly TWO taps

If you’re unfamiliar with the setup: like all other vendors at Bidwell, we’re able to set up shop and dispense our wares. Bring a growler or get one from us, and then we’ll fill it with the freshest beer you can buy. It’s exactly the same as coming in for retail, except you can also pick up some vegetables and possibly get rained on, depending on the weather.

Now then, this does come with one caveat: once we’re back at Bidwell (starting 5/11), retail hours on Saturday will cease. We’d like to be open at both but we just don’t have the manpower. It’s only a few blocks down the road, and as someone with a 3 year old son I can safely say I have no pity for making you be out and about before 1 pm. Last Sunday, the morning after our anniversary party? 7 am, knock knock knock on my door. So there.

Oh, what a night

Speaking of our anniversary party: that was fun, huh?

A thoughtful gift from a family member!

A thoughtful gift from a family member!

My sincere gratitude goes out to everyone who showed up and had a beer with us. It’s was like This Is Your Embeered Life: I’m an introvert by nature but would have two or three conversations with people on the way to the bar. They would apologize for keeping me from beer, but I honestly didn’t mind! It really felt like a party, not just a beer event.

All parties have surprises, and this one’s was how quickly the beer disappeared. I know of quite a few people, including close friends, who didn’t get to try any, and I hope you got to have at least one or two of our special beers before they kicked. We were all affected: I’ll have to trust your word that the cask Frank at Mister Goodbar was delicious, because it was all gone when I ordered it! Greg and I were initially told that the saison was gone as well, though the bartender was able to conjure up some for us somehow.

In just one year, we went from nothing but a blog to where we are now: imagine where we’ll be this time next year. Get a sitter, request off, mark your calendars: April 20, 2014.

Tap in

That’s not to say it’s going to be another year until you see us, of course: why, just this weekend is TAP NY! We’ll be there, The Whale and The IPA in tow. I know Hunter Mountain is a bit of a hike from Buffalo, but there will be quite a lot of excellent beer there.

If you’re going, be sure to stop by and say hi!