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Horsefeathers: the recap

I’d like to thank everyone who came up to talk to us at the grand opening of the Horsefeathers community market. It was a great event and the space seems well suited to many similar events in the future. Plus, you know, I finally got to try Lloyd’s. OMFN.

I said "Hey Ethan, look up!" And then he did. True story.

The place was so packed that for much of the night only one or two people could fit in to talk to us at a time. You might think that would mean we didn’t talk to man people: on the contrary! The nice folks from the 21 Brix winery next to us said it seemed as though we had more traffic than they did. And they had wine!

As we explained frequently over the course of the night, since we don’t yet have our State Liquor Authority license, giving away or selling beer would be, well, illegal. So instead we brought “beer, deconstructed”: Rudy had the fantastic idea to bring be in various stages of production. Folks could munch on some malted barley, smell a big ol’ mason jar of hops and taste wort both before and after it was boiled with hops. Then, for show, we had a growler of actively fermenting beer with a constantly bubbling airlock.

Our table's educational, though nonalcoholic, offerings

The question of the day, of course, was “when will you be open?” The most specific answer to that hasn’t changed: “We’ll be open when we’re open.” We don’t know. It’s all up to the SLA and our construction schedule. A more helpful answer would be that we hope to be open in the early parts of 2012. I believe this is the last time we’ll be out in public until then, though I also think I’ve said that before.

I won’t hold it against you if you’ve forgotten that we have a mailing list: we’ve only sent out one newsletter so far, but that’s about to be rectified. Volume 1 issue 2, the October edition, will be arriving in email boxes shortly, and from now on it will be a monthly affair. Sign up while you can! You might think I want you to sign up so that I don’t have to type in the handwritten email address you leave at a public event. You would be right. Right now I admit that the content will largely be the same as it is on this site, but that will change when we’re open; and besides, maybe you don’t like rss! I’ll do the work in hand delivering our news to your inboxes. You can do that, you know. Physically enter the Internet. They have all kinds of USB cables these days. I saw it in a documentary with Jeff Bridges.