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Hooded figures

Can you dig it?

The leaves change, the air grows colder, and amid my pumpkin spice induced haze I am forced to recognize that I am very fortunate, much moreso than many others.

The Black Rock/Riverside Emergency Food Pantry is one of Buffalo’s oldest food pantries, and as fall marches on towards winter they’ve realized they don’t have as many non-perishable goods as they need. So, from 10/15-11/15 they’re staging a food drive.

From now until November 15 we’re going to have a box at retail for food donations.

If you bring two or more nonperishable items we’ll give you $1 off your purchase. Please, if you can, help out.

Dammit, I didn’t even mean to make a pun there!

Saturday: chock full of fun

grapesandhopsfinaleditsmallThis Saturday will be quite a lot of fun, and if you don’t see Ethan at least once the only conclusion is that you’re ignoring him. What did he do to anger you? Communication is the key to a successful relationship, dear reader.

As always (well, for the next two weeks) we’ll be at the Bidwell farmer’s market from 8-1. This week we’re once again pouring our four regulars: Frank, The Whale, De Maas and The IPA.

After that it’s the Broadway Market Oktoberfest! From 11-4 you can drink local beer, eat some tasty food and listen to live music.

Then from 6-9 we’ll be at Grapes & Hops in the Gallery, a great event to benefit the Learning Disabilities Association of WNY. Tickets are still available for this night of wine, beer, food and art.


Hoodie Mark A

Hoodie Mark A

The Ballpark Brew Bash was a great time, but it was also a tad bit rainy. All of us wore our CBW hoodies because, y’know, cold. People kept asking us where they could buy one, but at the time the only way to get one was to have access to a time machine so you could have backed our Kickstarter, which ended nearly two years ago.

This has been rectified! We now have hoodies available for sale so that you too can brave the autumnal chills without fear. In fact, some might say that they’re even better than the first run because these have the Embeer Buffalo logo on the back! (Kickstarter backers, yours are even better because they’re limited edition; don’t listen to these Johnny-clothe-latelies)

Pick yours up for $35 at retail!


Speaking of retail, for the rest of the month I’m going to remind you of this so that if you happen to miss reading a blog post (forgivable… once) you still see it.

As of 11/1, our retail hours are changing! We’ll be at the brewery on Saturdays and closing an hour earlier Fridays. To wit:

  • Thursdays 3-7
  • Fridays 3-7
  • Saturdays 11-4

I wouldn’t want you to show up sometime when we’re closed and be stuck in the cold. Especially if you were there to buy a hoodie. That’d be Grade O irony.

(O for O Henry, of course)