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Here come the drums

We’ve really enjoyed our time at the Bidwell farmer’s market. It’s been great to meet the people who drink our beer and to give it to them as fresh as is physically possible. But all good things must come to an end, and this Saturday will see our last appearance there for the season. We’ll be back next year! Until then, we’ll be setting up shop in our comparatively warmer location at the brewery. Starting next week, here are our new retail hours:

  • Thursday 3-7
  • Friday 3-8
  • Saturday 10-8

Half growlers! Like regular growlers, but… munchkin. (think we can get SJ Games to issue a custom bonus?)

We’ll be open until 8 this Friday as well, if you want to stop down on your way to Mickey’s! 15 Lafayette, 14213: look for the green garage doors.

Also new this week: half growlers! Many people have said “Oh, I couldn’t drink an entire growler by myself.” Now you don’t have to, as these hold a mere two pints, a suitable amount for personal use or for sampling a few different beers. 32oz fills are $7, and a half growler plus fill is $10. We’ll have them at retail and Bidwell this week.

Also at retail and Bidwell? Two Buffalo Beer Week specialty beers! Both Batch 100, our “Schwartzbier-y thing” (brewed with an American ale yeast, and we’re sticklers for detail) and In C, our initial prototype Pale Ale that was retooled into Frank due to lack of Citra hops, will be pouring the next three days.

Speaking of Beer Week: are you ready? In addition to the huge list of events I listed two weeks ago, we have another use for your valuable time: Beer Mob at the Nortel! From 7-9, show up en masse and have a pint or two. This is the first of a series of planned beer mobs (like Cash Mobs, but for beer), so if you’ll excuse the terrible pun, let’s set the bar high: can we drink half a barrel in two hours? That’s only 124 pints, which is very doable with 60-100 people.

I’m excited to play a game about beer, whilst drinking beer

While you’re there, you can also check out a demo copy of the card game Pint Craft that’s currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. I’m a board game geek, so it’s appropriate that I found out about the game on BoardGameGeek. Beer + card games + Kickstarter? I had to contact the designer! It plays 2-6, so if 1-6 of you are interested we can try our hand at a game. I’ll even buy the winner a pint. It’d be nice if you could let me know via email if you’re interested, but as long as there are spots you can just show up and play too. 7:30 sounds like a good time to start: get there, have a pint or two and then crack open the game.

Finally, were you aware that we have our own jingle? From Ethan:

We’re not totally obsessed with Buffalo’s brewing history, though we certainly respect and appreciate it. But retro-marketing? Now you’ve got our ear! Or at least my ear… I decided CBW really needed an old-school jingle. It didn’t take long to also determine that the best way to get one was to commission local talent in the form of Paul Todaro of The Skiffle Minstrels. And man, did he deliver! Knocked it out of the park, really… it’s hook-y, it’s old time-y and it sums us up nicely, we think. How about you? Got a new earworm for the day? Maybe you should feed it with a new 32oz growler fill of Frank this afternoon from 3-7!

Have a listen for yourself:

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