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Hemingway named our IPA

We’re glad that everyone has been enjoying our new IPA. We’re especially happy that, since it’s still a brewery exclusive beer, we have enough for everyone! We didn’t like it any more than you when you showed up two hours into our retail hours only to be told it was all gone.

Some astute fans noticed that we didn’t ever mention what its name was last week. “Um, well…” we’d say as we scratched our head and avoided eye contact (we’re experts at that by now). “It doesn’t actually have one yet.”

When we bring kegs to the market we BRING KEGS TO THE MARKET

It does now! Ask for it by name: Community Beer Works: The IPA.

Descriptive, isn’t it? We had a few other, less obvious, names but decided we liked the idea of a strong, declarative moniker. Besides: nobody’s ever going to ask what style it is.

The IPA, as well as Frank and De Maas, will be available at our brewery today and tomorrow from 3-7 and also at the Bidwell farmer’s market Saturday from 8-1. The same hours apply next week too, and The Whale may be back by then: it’s gone out to sea for a bit while we work the new guy into rotation.

Speaking of Bidwell, this will be our last month of the season. Saturday 10/27 will be the last day we’re there, but we love the market and will be back next year: possibly with a tasting permit! In the meantime, we should hopefully have Saturday hours at the brewery by then, Zoning Board willing. 3-7 is a given starting 11/3, but we’d like to be open in the morning and early afternoon as well. We’ll let you know.

Other important and interesting events coming up:

  • Wednesday is the Blue Monk’s 2nd anniversary party. They’re getting a keg of The Whale aged in Finger Lakes Distilling pot whiskey barrels, so if you missed Barrel O’ Whale at the Ballpark Brew Bash you should be sure to make an appearance.
  • The following Monday, 10/15, many CBW owners will be skipping our weekly meeting to go to the Godspeed You! Black Emperor show at the Town Ballroom. Why is this relevant? Because we made a special beer for the event, so you can sip on a black IPA while listening to Mladic.
  • The Saturday after that, 10/20, we’ll be at the Broadway Market from 11-4 for their Oktoberfest event. Come out and try some great Buffalo beer!

After that, well, Buffalo Beer Week is going to get its own post. Keep your nights free from 10/26-11/4. More details soonn.

Much like Harry Potter, our chiller lives under the stairs

The big non-event news for us this week is that work has started on installing our glycol system! This will let us do a few things: obviously, our glycol-jacketed brite tanks will be online, so we’ll have 6 bbl (189 gallons) more fermentation capacity. It will also be used to cool our walk in cooler: if you’ve visited the brewery, the large doorless room that’s currently full of growlers will soon be where we store all our kegs of beer. Finally, the glycol will chill our keg cooler, meaning that awesome 10 handle tapbox Rusted Grain built for us will be mounted to the wall and in use, rather than our current set up of “kegerator and jockey box.”

“10 taps?” Picture your best mysterious smile, as this post fades to black.

One comment on “Hemingway named our IPA

  1. Ian on

    Just found out about you guys today while looking for homebrew clubs in the area. Thanks for the GYBE Tip! had no idea they were playing around here.
    Definately going to try to make the trip across the border for that! and your Black IPA. Mmmmm
    Ian -Niagara Falls, Canada

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