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Greetings from the future!

Well, I’m going to break the fourth wall for a moment, but technically it’s the past. This is being written in 2013! I hope that all of society’s ills have been fixed.

Doubling down on Saturdays

Perhaps you’ve noticed: it’s cold. Just as we did at the end of October, many of the rest of the vendors at the Bidwell farmer’s market have moved to warmer climes. This has generally been to the Horsefeathers indoor market. We opted instead to go back to our brewery on Saturdays, where you can find us between 11-4.

Like this, but inside. And warmer.

Like this, but inside. And warmer.

Many people have expressed an interest in us being at Horsefeathers, however, and so we’ve decided to jump in: starting 1/11 we will also be at the Horsefeathers market from 9-1 on Saturdays. Note that this is in addition to our hours at the brewery! We don’t care where you want to go; we just want to get you beer! (CBW HQ, as always, will have a better selection because we have a larger tap box, but we should still have the good stuff at Horsefeathers)

Stop on down! Get some beer! Feather some horses! That is what you do there, right? Like, as a kid’s attraction?

The CBW Book Club

When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. When you have a blog, everything looks like a post (remember when I got two posts out of my family vacation?). For Christmas, the owners of the brewery received a copy of The Audacity of Hops: The History of America’s Craft Beer Revolution by Tom Acitelli. I immediately thought of writing a post about it*, but then realized: no.

The-Audacity-of-HopsLet’s have a book club.

Here’s the deal: read the book. In mid February (date and location TBD, but you’ll have at least four weeks of knowing a solid date to read it) we’ll all get together and talk about it. A good book, some beer and a nice conversation. Sounds great, right? Right.

Before you run off to buy the book, though, we need to have a talk. I’m not going to pretend that I never order things from Amazon. I do. A lot. Too much. I have a Kindle and Amazon Prime and what I don’t order directly from them I usually make Target price match for me. But they’re… terrible. To their workers, to independent bookstores. Not a very local, embeer-y type thing. Do as thou wilt, of course, but might we suggest Talking Leaves? Not only are they local, independent, nifty, etc but if at least six people buy it from them for the book club they’ll give everyone a 15% discount off of the book.

If you absolutely insist (and do what you want: I’m not your real dad), here are the print and Kindle editions at Amazon.

I started reading it last night and I’m excited to talk about it with all of you!

* (It might be worth noting that Alex got me a truly excellent set of dice: what could that mean? Hmm…)

The Beer Bulletin

As 2013 wrapped up we said goodbye to two of our own. Yes, it’s true: Oh Snap! and Singularity (Simcoe) are no more. So it goes.

There’s so much excitement coming, however, that you’re liable to forget about them quickly. For instance, tomorrow Gene McCarthy’s is tapping a cask of Stout Affective Disorder. More casks of Whale and Stout will be going out, somewhere, soon…

Finally, another date to put on your calendar: Wednesday, January 22nd. That’s when we’re going to be heading to Pizza Plant (Transit) for a rollicking ol’ time. For starters, it will be the debut of Singularity (Falconer’s Flight), the fourth in our single hopped IPA series. That not good enough for you? How about a cask of double dry hopped IPA? All this plus more special goodies. And, I mean, pods. Pods.

Here’s to a great 2014.

5 comments on “Greetings from the future!

  1. Dan on

    Well, um, y’see, that is to say…

    We figured we’d be getting this question: while it does strain the “single hop” concept Falconers Flight is a single blend of hops. So it’s not us making the blend but Hopunion. It can be bought as a single entity, so we think it fits. Even though we have to shove and squish it and squint a bit to make it fit.

  2. Michael on

    For a beer book for the next club, may I recommend Ken Grossman’s book; the struggles he went through to open Sierra Nevada and to take it where it is today is truly incredible.

    • Dan on

      Oh, it’s on my list! As are Ambitious Brew, Hops & Glory, any of Pete Brown’s books… I might even be willing to reread Fermenting Revolution. There are plenty of choices!

  3. Scott on

    Love the idea Dan. I ordered the book last week. Delivery got held up with the bad weather. To bad , I could have used it while I was snowed in the past few days.

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