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Green bottles and other cask beers

Won’t be long now

We’re on the final keg of this batch of The Double IPA. Not only that, but I personally sold more than half of it in growlers after tapping it. My suspicions are that it won’t last through the night, and then you’ll have to wait for next month’s batch of it to be ready.

There’s also a bit of In C left, though I’m not sure how much. The above disclaimer should also apply, I’d say. And there it goes!

I want my Espresso Whale and I want it now!

Sheesh, you’re touchy.

It hasn’t been on tap for a few weeks now, and we don’t currently have any plans to bring it back. (Although it’s worth noting that the benefit of being as small as we are is that we can change our minds on a whim)

However, it will be available fairly soon, when we have our cask takeover at Mister Goodbar. February 28th until they’re gone, four casks of fury:

  • The IPA cask hopped with Citra
  • Espresso Whale
  • Dank Frank (Frank cask hopped with Chinook)
  • Green Bottle Saison

Now, what’s Green Bottle Saison? From Rudy:

Green Bottle Saison takes inspiration from the beers of Belgium’s Brasserie Fantome .  Fantome’s beers always take the drinker on an adventure – no two bottles ever seem to be quite the same.  The best bottles blend a spicy, fruity yeast character with a mix of tart and funky flavors.  Green Bottle Saison is a blend of a clean Saison and our Berliner Weisse, Mr. Superfantastisch.  The saison provides flavors and aromas of orange and flowers while the Berliner provides an underlying lemon tartness all tied together by doughy malt.


The night before, of course, is the Art of Beer, the annual festival of beer, food, music and art at the Niagara Arts and Cultural Center.

Then there’s our book club, meeting March 5th at Mister Goodbar. Have you started reading The Audacity of Hops by Tom Acitelli yet? There’s still time! If you preordered your copy from Talking Leaves then it’s arrived (but you knew that, as you got an email from me), but they also ordered a few extra copies for stragglers.

It’s worth noting, on the book front, that Quayside Publishing put out three illustrated beer books in January and has declared March “Beer Book Month.” We’re not reading one of the three (The Home Brewer’s Guide to Vintage Beer by Ronald Pattinson, The Great Northeast Brewery Tour by Ben Keene and Craft Beer for the Homebrewer by Michael Agnew), but c’mon: kismet!

Let’s end on another video

This time it’s one I’m even in!