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Good night, Bidwell. Good night.

Doubling down

The big news this week is our newest beer: The Double IPA. Like its cousin The IPA we thought it best to be simple. Declarative. It tells you what it is and, pleasantries taken care of, lets you get down to the business of enjoying it.

It was conceived of as a one-off, a celebration of a brewing milestone, but upon tasting it Rudy knew he had something special. We’ll be producing it monthly, using local hops grown by Bob Johnson and pelletized at Whipple Brothers Hop Farm in subsequent batches.

Want to try it right now? Well, you maybe already got your chance at the Blue Monk third anniversary party on Tuesday. It’s also available for growler fills at the brewery (though its higher gravity comes with a slightly higher price: $16/$9 for 64/32 ounce fills).


Alex repping the last day at Bidwell

Alex repping the last day at Bidwell

Don’t forget that you can come get this new beer from us on Saturdays! Our time at Bidwell has ended (and judging by last week’s frigid wind it was just in time).

We’re now open on Saturdays for all your growler filling needs. From 11-4 you can come, try some samples, take a look around and take home a growler of the freshest beer you can get.

Fridays are also slightly different, as we now close at 7. Please don’t try to come at 7:45! You will be disappointed and I will feel bad for having made you waste a trip. That’s not good for anyone.

So, our revised hours are:

  • Thursday: 3-7
  • Friday: 3-7
  • Saturday: 11-4

Can jam

The food drive for the Black Rock/Riverside Emergency Food Pantry is now in its third week. Until the 15th you can bring in nonperishable food items to the brewery and help those in need. Bring in two cans or similar items and we’ll give you a dollar off your purchase!

Too many “paired” puns to choose just one

prepaired3draftThis Sunday is the Prepaired beer and food dinner at Bistro Europa! $75 gets you five courses, each paired with a great beer. One of these beers? A special batch from us only available at the event: Dubbel Nutz, a Belgian style dubbel made with four pounds of handmade acorn flour.

The other breweries? Oh, just Breckenridge, Westmalle, Abita and Sixpoint. There will be music by DJ Cutler and a presentation during each course by Drew Hardin.

If you’re interested — and you should be — you can email Drew for more information at and call Europa for tickets at (716) 884-1100.

Maestro, I say taste on!

We’re approaching another glut of tastings. Come out to some great beer stores, chat with one of us, maybe get a growler to take home. We understand that not everyone can make it to 15 Lafayette during our retail hours (though you really should try to if you can, because it’s spiffy). So, in addition to hours at CBW HQ we’ll have other options for you most Saturdays this month: