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Giving thanks

The problem with Thirsty Thursday, of course, is that once a year it falls on Thanksgiving. I don’t expect any of you are reading this on the actual Thursday: I’m writing it after we’ve gotten home from a long day of overindulgence, as is the American Way™.

After dinner tonight, as we finished off the myriad of pies my wife and her sister had baked, my brother in law solidified what is now a family tradition: going around the table and saying what you’re thankful for. When it got to me, I said this:

“What image can I include with this post? I dunno, a turkey, probably. That’s boring. I wonder if there are any hits for ‘Cthulhu turkey.’ I… there is.”

I’m thankful for my brewery. It’s not my full time job yet, but I’m thankful to have a job that I love.

And it’s true. For over two years now I’ve updated this site every Thursday. Since April I’ve been able to see the fruits of my labor, and spend nearly all my free time on CBW, its website and cleaning kegs. And you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m happier cleaning kegs until 1 am than I have been at any other job.

So I’m thankful for CBW, and for all of you. I have a job that I love, and I have it because everyone reading this loves my brewery as much as I do.

Thank you.