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Getting down to work

Now that Kickstarter is over, you’d think that we would be sitting back and taking turns diving through our pile of money, McDuck-like. Far from it!

We offered the ability to give a pledge as a gift for Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus or what-have-you, and I was pleased to see that people took us up on the offer. Some letters were mailed out today and some were sent as PDF attachmentss to be wrapped up by the giver themselves. It’s likely too late to get physical letters sent out, but if you’re one of the 36 people who haven’t filled out the survey yet and you were planning on giving the gift of CBW we’ll be more than happy to send you a digital letter to print out.

It's a DOORWAY! Maybe that's not exciting to you. It's awesome, though.

Work on the rewards is under way as well. The coasters, well, you’ve seen them being made. Stickers should be ordered by the end of the week, and soon afterward the growlers and pint glasses and shirts and so on. It will be a shade over a month before the physical rewards are ready, due to them having to be, y’know, made, but we’ll keep everyone informed.

In non-Kickstarter news: both the SLA and construction on the brewery are progressing well. We’ve been fingerprinted and now the state has sent back the inexplicable yet inevitable list of things we need to fix, amend or change. It’s a law of nature that no matter how carefully you look over your application, no matter how many times you check and double check and confirm that everything is right, well, it won’t be. Let’s call that the Camazotz Principle.

Mill room: now walled in and fireproof!

It’s still good news, though. As soon as I’m done writing this I’ll amend my personal questionnaire and then we’ll be about ready to send in our changes. We’re moving through the system, and even if it might at times seem like a glacial pace it’s still forward progress. The end is in sight.

And construction? It’s like an entirely different building! There are walls, man. The wall that Kickstarter backers are going to sign, right there. The mill room is enclosed, the sink is where it’s going to be, we have a doorway! Most of one, at least. The concrete has been poured for the sidewalk leading up the side of the building into said doorway, which is how all of you are going to enter the building to get beer.

Why, the only other thing I could ask for right now is some snow.