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Get your hop picking on!

What a Brewfest! Thank you to everyone who came out: our line was consistently among the longest, crowds report, with one estimate that ours was three times as long. Everyone seemed to enjoy our offerings, especially newcomer De Maas.

Didn’t get a chance to try De Maas at the Brewfest? You’re not alone (me included!). Tried it and want more? You’re in luck! The second batch of De Maas was brewed yesterday. We like it as much as you do, so it will be paying a visit more in the future. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s done.

Some of the fine specimens needing picking (image from McCollum Orchards)

Now then, a spot of bad news: while retail is back on for tomorrow, both it and this week’s Bidwell market will be Whale-only. Frank needs a bit of a rest, but he’ll be back next week in a special form: wet hopped using fresh Centennials from McCollum Orchards.

Speaking of McCollum Orchards: all those hops they’re growing need to come down! I talked about this briefly last week, but their Good Ol’ Fashioned Hop Harvest Party now has a Facebook event and everything. It’s next Saturday (8/25) from 3-7 at the McCollum Orchards in Lockport. In addition to picking their Cascade hops, we’ll have some of our wet hopped Frank there for you try along with light refreshments from the farm. Homebrewers will be able to take some of the spoils home, with wet Cascades being sold at $1/ounce and dried Cascade/Centennials available in 2 ounce packages for $5.

(If it’s raining that day, the picking will be moved to Sunday. If it’s also raining Sunday, they’ll thank everyone and pick it themselves, because the hops have to be picked soon!)

Also next weekend: Why, it’s the Elmwood Festival of the Arts! Which is a notable event no matter what, of course, but is being mentioned here because they’re going to have a Festival-only Jam, the Elmwood Festiv-Ale. It’s a cream ale brewed with French saison yeast, which after initial tastings Rudy is very happy with. I was planning on going to the festival anyway, but now it’s doubly so.

Until next week!