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Can drive!

We’d like to sincerely thank everyone who’s brought in cans and other nonperishable goods for the Black Rock/Riverside Emergency Food Pantry. The can drive is still ongoing!

Until November 15 (that’s next Friday) if you bring in two cans or other items to donate we’ll take $1 off your purchase. You get beer, someone else gets food.

But which beer to get?

Well, that’s up to you. We’ll have our four regulars: Frank, The Whale, De Maas, The IPA. Last week, however, it was the new challenger that stole the show.

2013-11-02 12.53.48

The setup at Consumers last weekend

The Double IPA.

A 9% behemoth, balancing the sweetness from all that malt against liberal amounts of piney bitterness. A beer so good Rudy took one sip and switched it from one-off beer to something we’d make once a month. You owe it to yourself to at least come and try it.

Our shiny new retail hours

And don’t forget, dear reader, that when you can come and try The Double IPA, or any of our beer, has recently changed! We were kept busy last Saturday so it’s fairly obvious that people have gotten the memo. But just in case, here are our updated hours:

  • Thursdays: 3-7
  • Fridays: 3-7
  • Saturdays: 11-4

Or, if you prefer, Consumers

I quite enjoyed myself last Saturday at the Consumer’s in Orchard Park. You might think that standing for three hours and pouring beer for people would get old, but I’ve discovered that I quite like it! Besides, I left with some Bell’s and Ithaca’s Box of Hops, and more on those soon in My Embeered Life.

If you missed it last week, or if Orchard Park is simply too far away from you, this Saturday we’ll be at the Transit Rd location from 1-4! Meet Rudy, our brewer, and taste some of his wares. We won’t have all of our beers available, just the ones they currently have on tap. For me that was Frank and The IPA: I suspect it will be similar this weekend.

If this one doesn’t work for you either, well, you’re just being difficult on purpose, aren’t you? How about these dates:

We hope to see you there!