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Festive-ale & The End Is Rye

Win some stuff!

Do you like music?

2014-07-24 16.00.17

Of course you do. Only robots are indifferent to all kinds of music1. I suppose, more specifically, I should ask if you’re into the specific sorts of music being played at Riot Fest Toronto. We are! Many of you are as well. Then might I remind you of our contest? You have two ways to win:

  1. Take a picture of yourself with CBW swag and/or beer listening to a band playing Riot Fest, then tweet it at us with the hashtag #riotfest or post it on our Facebook page.
  2. Buy some beer from us and put your name into the super cool Official Contest Receptacle that I totally didn’t fashion out of a USPS Priority Mail box.

The contest ends this weekend! I’ll be drawing the winners Monday evening, and you then have the next two weeks to come in during retail (if you haven’t by Thursday the 4th we’ll draw another winner, because these tickets need to be used!).

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Your back having been scratched, how about you return the favor?

I’m just saying: Yelp’s 2014 Yelpies are live, and you can vote for us as Best Brewery, and that would be super swell of you.

Yes, but what about the beer?

A beer in the hand


Alex Placito still Has A Posse: our Belgian IPA named after the Buffalo beer scene’s most lovable scamp2 is still alive and kicking! Er, pouring. You can still get it, is my point, so come in and see what all the fuss is about.

That being said, De Maas is on a brief hiatus. It should be back from its journey to find itself late next week.

(more than) Two in the bush

Last week we talked about the Elmwood Festival of the Arts, happening this weekend. We will once again be making our Elmwood Festive-ale, so named by a popular vote two years ago. It’s a saison we only make once a year, only for the festival. This year, however, there will be a very small amount at the brewery for growler fills!

And then… The End Is Rye. This black rye IPA will be kegged tomorrow, and will be available for growler fills tomorrow (not today: sorry!).

What of Cheetah Mikida, our rye pale ale with a bitters/herb infusion? It’s available only at the newly opened Buffalo Proper, so head there for a pint of it!

And, finally, it’s nearly time for this year’s hop harvest, meaning it won’t be long before Wet Frank makes its brief annual appearance. For Wet Frank we take our pale ale and add fresh “wet” — that is, not dried — hops, this year with chinooks coming from Bob Johnson in Cambria. We should have it later this month or in early September, so stay tuned.

For our Rochester folks

Tomorrow is the Flour City Brewers Fest, and we’ll be there! Come say howdy to Ethan and try some of our beer, friends to the east.

Beer & Philosophy

2014-08-20 19.59.38

Last night was our third book club. We discussed Beer & Philosophy: The Unexamined Beer Is Not Worth Drinking, and it was a wonderful time. Probably my favorite of the three we’ve done, in fact! Stay tuned for my recap of what was said this Tuesday, and next week for the announcement of what our fourth book will be.

Of course, if you had been there last night then you’d already know!

  1. And even then, I assume they’d be kind of into dubstep 

  2. As determined by a Pew Research Center survey, 2014