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Festivals abound

It’s Brewfest o’clock!

You can never have too many beer festivals, right? No, you cannot.

Hot on the heels of Belgium Comes to Cooperstown, tomorrow is the Buffalo Brewfest! Tickets are still available, so if you’re interested in a night of beer with us and many other breweries you should come on down!

I do not believe there will be a Ferris wheel. (this is probably a good thing)

Less information

I regret to inform you that More Information, our stout with wheat, has had its swan song. Ha: get it, because it was for the Swans show?

Look at these hops! Don't you just want to pick 'em?

Look at these hops! Don’t you just want to pick ’em?

No, I don’t think you’re getting it, because you aren’t laughing. See, a swan song is- oh, you do understand? Oh.

Anyway, I hope you had a chance to try some before it was gone! If you’re itching for another one off…

The triumphant return of the Festiv-ale

August 24th and 25th are the Elmwood Festival of the Arts. You may recall that last year we had a special beer, the Elmwood Festiv-ale, a cream ale fermented with saison yeast. Well, we liked it so much we thought, “Shucks, why not do that again?”

So we are!

(Rudy actually isn’t folksy enough to say “shucks.” I don’t think I’ve seen him with a corn cob pipe once, now that I think about it.)

We hope you stop down and get a chance to try some! We won’t have enough for a brewery release, so if you’d like to try some you should head to the festival.

Party time, excellent

Don’t forget that Saturday, September 7th is going to be the second annual hop picking party at McCollum Orchards! Details are still being finalized, but at the bare minimum you’ll get to spend an afternoon picking fresh hops with other beer lovers, which I can say from experience is a really fun time.