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CBW and lloyd Team Up for FC Buffalo Women’s Inaugural Jerseys!

Let’s Go!

At Community Beer Works we’re always looking for new opportunities to put fun and meaningful action back into our communities.

So when we were asked to co-sponsor Buffalo’s FIRST pro-am women’s soccer club along with our friends from lloyd, our response was a resounding—LET’S GO!


Play On – A Message From FC Buffalo

There are somewhere around 12 million people playing soccer in the United States, the love of the game going way beyond youth soccer and adult leagues. At the collegiate level, there are 959 women’s college soccer teams and just over 800 men’s teams

So why are there 470 professional or semi-professional men’s teams and 218 women’s teams?

That drove FC Buffalo, one of the 470, to create a #219 for the women, enlisting a group of driven, creative, and brilliant Buffalonian women to put together a team for Western New Yorkers to play on.

But FC Buffalo Women also has to prepare this nascent team for the possibility that fans and revenue will be limited by the pandemic, so they’re teaming up with community-first businesses here to build up a safety net so their teams can be their best regardless of COVID-related obstacles.

FC Buffalo Women will participate in the United Women’s Soccer League, a selective pro-am league that invited the club to join earlier this year, giving Buffalo players a top-level local option for the first time since 2018 and an independent one for the first time in decades.

Play on

At face value it compels us to continue having fun. We’re at play. This is good. Onward. Forward. This is also good. It’s all a bit of fordern and fördern, if you will.

But inside the chalked lines of the soccer pitch, “Play on” is usually uttered by a referee, coach, or teammate after something untoward has happened. Maybe a player’s been fouled and anticipating a whistle. Maybe that player looks like they’ve been fouled but the referee had a better angle. Maybe that player is making a meal out of something.

Regardless, “Play on” tells us to get on with it. Look to what it’s front of you. Accept the affront, the challenges, even perceived mistreatment and get back to the game.

That’s what we’re here to do with FC Buffalo. We play on.


FC Buffalo Women’s Jerseys!

Trainwreck Sports recently posed the question, “Did FC Buffalo Women drop the most amazing kits of all-time?”, and well, see for yourself:

From FC Buffalo Women on Twitter (@FCBuffaloWomen):

“We start with blue & gold. Our Community Beer Works home shirt is the 7720, an homage to sacrifices made during COVID-19. The six-pack of snowflakes is a nod to ex-mayor Jimmy Griffin’s Blizzard of 77 advice: “Stay inside. Grab a six-pack”.”

Preorder FC Buffalo Women’s “Home” jersey here!

If ever since you can remember you’ve been popping your collar, popping popping your collar…Then ride with this lloyd “away” shirt, with green pin stripes and a nod to a Buffalo’s most celebrated architect on the back.”

Preorder FC Buffalo Women’s “Away” jersey here!

“One for the ‘keepers. Not sure anything needs to be said about this beauty, which also includes the Blizzard of 77 / #COVID pandemic salute.”

Preorder FC Buffalo Women’s “Watercolors” jersey here!

“Envisioned as a GK kit, we’ve honestly considered ordering enough for the field players in case we want to get fancy one day. A salute to Buffalo’s great parks and also suitable in case some of your lloyd falls on your shirt (It’s dark).”

Preorder FC Buffalo Women’s “Parks” jersey here!

“Our warm-up shirt, The Snozzberry, nods to lloyd + Community Beer Works’ teamwork in making Snozzberry Sour. Get lloyd -or- CBW on the front. If you’re catching a theme, we’re celebrating what this city does together. Eat and drink local!”

Preorder FC Buffalo Women’s “Warm-Up” jersey here!

Welcome Home, FC Buffalo Women!

We’re thrilled that FC Buffalo is bringing the United Women’s Soccer League to our vibrant and enthusiastic (that’s an understatement) sports community here in Western New York. See you on the field!

For more information on FC Buffalo’s new women’s side, follow FC Buffalo on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. To learn even more, email the club’s general email inbox: