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Events! Oh my!

This past Tuesday, the kitchen at Blue Monk closed down so that it could host the Blue Monk Meet the Brewers Beer Dinner with CBW. People seemed to have a good time at the five course dinner, which perhaps is best told pictorially through Storify.

Couldn’t make it on Tuesday? Made it but wish you could relive the experience with some Frank and frites? Good news, everyone! We’re still on tap at Blue Monk, so come on down and get your Whale on. (Or, as has been suggested: “get beached!”)

Beerology logo

Beer! Science! How can you not think this is awesome?

When’s the next time you can see CBW in the wild? Well, depending on where you are it might be right this very moment: Ethan is at the 2012 Craft Brewer’s Conference and has pulled out Tweetdeck, so if you’re interested on his shenanigans, chicanery and antics then I encourage you to take a gander at our Twitter stream.

If you’re not a craft beer professional currently at a conference in San Diego, well, you still won’t have to wait very long. Next Saturday (May 12) is Beerology at the Buffalo Museum of Science, and tickets are still available! Come Embeer Buffalo with Community Beer Works, Flying Bison, Pearl St and others while attending talks on the science of beer. It should be a great time, and I’m excited to finally be down in the beer area rather than the informational corridor. Don’t get me wrong: it was great rubbing elbows with the Niagara Association of Homebrewers and others last year, but now we have beer for you all!

The Whale entering a keg

(Let  us take a brief pause while we consider the wise words of Dave: last night as I was working on Kickstarter things at our customer service table he walked by and said, “Hey. We make beer professionally now.” Think about that! Some of you have been reading this blog for over a year and a half!)

Speaking of homebrewing and its clubs: are you a homebrewer? Does the concept of making your own beer intrigue you? It should: it’s fun! We wouldn’t be here if we hadn’t started as homebrewers. There’s nothing like learning about the ingredients and processes involved in making beer to make drinking it more enjoyable, and there’s no better way to learn than to do. This Saturday (May 5) is Big Brew Day, and local homebrew store Niagara Tradition is hosting a homebrewing demonstration in conjunction with NAH.

The preceding paragraph finally made me add “homebrew” and “homebrewing” to my spell check dictionary. Begone, red squiggly lines!