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End of the line


The last of Rutherford B. Haze has been kegged.

It’s not gone yet, but it won’t be long. If you want some at Bidwell you need to come this Saturday. Don’t worry about a lack of beer at the market after that: the next week will see the return of De Maas to Saturdays, and the week after that, well, it’s the start of Buffalo Beer Week. We might have something special for you then.

Kegs will be going out to bars, as they do, and as always we don’t control when they tap them. So Rutherford won’t be gone this week: it will likely all be out of our hands by next week, but chances are that you’ll be able to find it at bars for a little longer.

Saying goodbye

It is the end of Rutherford’s time this year, though. No doubt about that.

CBW_Sterling_BBWAd_2013We hope you’ll join us Tuesday, September 24 for the Wake of Rutherford B. Haze at Sterling Place. We’ll have the last kegs of Rutherford on hand so you can send him off in style.

We’ll be taking over a few other taps at Sterling including something new and exciting. Not a fall seasonal: with Buffalo Beer Week and some other one-offs Rudy has planned for the fall we won’t have time to settle down. Stay tuned.

Speaking of changes

We’ve got two months left, but it’s never too early to remind you of retail changes. We’re only at Bidwell until the end of October: starting November 2 we’ll be doing retail at the brewery (at 15 Lafayette, if you’ve forgotten, where we’re already doing retail Thursday and Friday!). You’ve got time, but, well, mark your calendars. It’s going to get cold, man.

And, finally: hops!

If you’ve been reading our updates with any semblance of frequency you know this already, but humor me.

Saturday! McCollum Orchards! Hop picking party!

Seriously, folks, it’s going to be a good time. Homebrewing demonstration? Fresh hops for sale? Us? See you there.