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Embeer Buffalo!

Exciting times abound here at CBW.

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Beer! Science! How can you not think this is awesome?

Are you going to Beerology this Saturday? We hope to see you there. I’m actually going to be part of the homebrewing area with the Niagara Association of Homebrewers, because of course I think that making beer is awesome and everyone should do it. It’s sold out (we tried to warn you), but for those of you with tickets CBW would love it if you’d pop over and say hi.

Also don’t forget our shindig at the Blue Monk on the 18th. It approaches quickly! The fine folks at Buffalo Rising have even written up a piece about it! In it, Ethan reveals our new slogan. Motto. War chant.

Embeer Buffalo!

I actually learned, while reading their article, that Ethan’s son was responsible for the phrase. I realized I hadn’t asked too many questions: someone had said ’embeer Buffalo’ and I replied ‘hell yeah embeer Buffalo!’ And then Chris rolled his eyes at us, because it’s a bit silly. We get it.

However, it also perfectly encapsulates what CBW is, in my opinion. We’re trying to bring beer — great beer — to Buffalo, to help make it a place people name when they think of great beer cities, and we’re not going to take ourselves too seriously while we do it. We’re dedicated, passionate and not afraid to reference the Principia Discordia on our About page.

Sacred Chao

Ewige bierkraft!

All this rallying of troops comes at an opportune time, as well: today is the anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition. Prohibition was a Big Deal for the American beer culture, and for Buffalo in particular. Before the Noble Experiment, there were 25 breweries in the city (down from a high of 38 in 1875). After Prohibition, there were five. This increased to 10 in 1940 before dwindling down again, finally resting at 0 in 1972 (these numbers are from Rushing the Growler, which is out of print but available at your local library).

There are currently two breweries in the city of Buffalo: Pearl St and Flying Bison. This increases to three if you count the Buffalo Brewpub, which is technically outside the city limits. These are not our competitors. These are our allies. If we want to increase Buffalo’s bierkultur — and we do — then it’s a marathon, and a three (or more) legged one at that, because we all have to do it together.

That includes you. See you all at Beerology.

5 comments on “Embeer Buffalo!

  1. Ethan on

    The back story, for the record, goes like this: Dave and I were bottling the first prototype Sorachi Rye Saison, towards the end of last summer, down in the basement. Phin was milling about, only three at the time in fact, and he said something about how we were ’embottling’ the beer…. which led me (or was it Dave; hard to remember) to say “well, actually, are we not embeering the bottles… and embeering ourselves while we’re doing it… and wait a minute: Embeer Buffalo!!!!”

    So the slogan was born, and if anyone ever places it with the likes of “We do what we can; We can what we do.” (Baxter Brewing of Maine), Phin will be justifiably proud indeed.

  2. BuffaloRox on

    Just found your site courtesy of BR article. I will definitely be following your progress with great interest and hope to make the Blue Monk event!

    FYI- April 7th is not the anniversary of the day Prohibition was repealed. On April 7, 1933, the National Prohibition Act was amended to increase the amount of alcohol permitted from 0.5% to 3.2% (an improvement over drinking 0.5% “cereal beverages”). This amendment was acknowledgement of the impending repeal of Prohibition as states began the process of ratifying the 21st amendment. The ratification process for the 21st amendment (which repealed Prohibition) was not completed until December 5, 1933.

  3. david on

    Ethan did state that we were “embeering” the bottles, and then I turned the phrase”Embeer Buffalo!”, so I would say that it was a group effort. This is the synergy that can often be found in sharing common goals and philosophies, this is the stuff Community Beer Works is all about.

  4. Dan on

    BuffaloRox: Thanks for the clarification. I did think that Prohibition was repealed in December, but assumed (correctly?) that one day or the other was the start of the process vs the end. Fact check, fact check, fact check.

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