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Dude Incredible in Cans for the First Time!? Dude, That’s Incredible!


Suddenly, we find ourselves surrounded by roasted malts and raspberry—Dude Incredible!

What else can we say about Dude Incredible that the name doesn’t already convey? It’s delicious. It’s unique. It’s beloved by a cult following of fans that eagerly await its late summer to fall seasonal return. And now Dude Incredible is available in cans for the first time ever!

Here’s a brief word from Ryan—our Director of Brewing Ops—on the style and flavor profile that makes Dude Incredible such a unique hit.




Sour Stout w/ Raspberries
6.7% ABV • 16 oz. 4-Pack • $14.99

Roasted malts, raspberry and a light sourness interplay in this complex, dark kettle sour. That’s printed on the label so you know it’s true.


Dude Incredible on Repeat

As if being a rare “sour stout” wasn’t already unique enough, we gave this beer a name that matches Dude’s complex and curious flavor notes.

“I’m so excited to see Dude Incredible finally getting packaged after all these years. We named this beer after an album by one of my favorite bands, Shellac, and we even got the blessing of the members on that, which was a huge compliment. So if you like angular guitar, precision drum work, and expansive bass all wrapped up with snide lyrics, you might like them. Does the beer actually taste like the music? I think they’re complementary, for sure. Certainly, balancing roared malts, slight lactic tang and raspberry flavor yields a beer that’s got complexity and depth but is also just fun and easy to drink, which mirrors the way I think about Shellac’s music.”

– Ethan Cox, CBW President & Cofounder

Album cover artwork of “Dude Incredible” by Shellac – Click the image to give it a listen!


Claim Yours Now! Like, Right Now

Sixteen ounce four-packs of Dude Incredible are now available for home delivery or curbside pickup at our 7th Street brewery.

Dude Incredible may just be the most interesting beer you’ve had, today. Click here to order yours before this small batch of chocolate raspberry goodness is gone!